Misplaced Anger

SERIES:  Transformed By Grace

TITLE:   Misplaced Anger

TEXT:  Jonah 4: 1 – 11 (p.775)




Jonah wasn’t afraid of failure. He feared (success).

This was deeper than “it displeased Jonah exceedingly. A more accurate translation would be “it was evil to Jonah.”

See description of God he gives in verse 2b. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT JONAH WANTED.

Jonah can’t (manipulate) God.




Several observations:

(1) God did not respond to anger (with anger).

(2) Jonah did not stay (in the city).

(3) There is a contrast between Jonah’s behavior and the (king’s).


What are real issues in the exchange?

1. For Jonah, it is (recurring anger) and a death wish coming from his own twisted idea of (judgment).

2. For God, it involves traits like extending (pity), (compassion), and (mercy) to others.


This book forces us to see our own power struggles with God:

• What has God called us to do that puts us into a contest of wills with Him?

• What challenges has God placed before you that has you running away?

• Has your pride and ego gotten in the way?

• Are there people you resist loving and caring for?


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