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Midweek Message 6/26/2024


Hello and welcome to an abbreviated Midweek Message #209. I hope this finds you having a  good week. In last week’s MM I said that I would not have one this week due to plans I had. But some significant things have happened since last week’s MM so I wanted to give you at least an update. This past Sunday sure was a “ride.” About 8:00 the power went out and stayed out  until about 10. Thanks to all who went along with the inconvenience. I was so glad people adjusted. We had some visitors so I hope they saw our willingness to adapt. Trust me when I say  it was weird preaching with a little flashlight. By the end of the service it sure was getting toasty  in the building though. What did we ever do without A/C? 


Eli Wood won 2nd place in public speaking at the FFA state convention at Purdue University. Congrats Eli! I look for the day Eli says, “Hey Pastor Bill! If you want me to  preach for you some Sunday just say the word.” I’m sure Andy and Stacy, and his sisters, Kelci and Katie are proud of him.  

Whoo Hooo Baby News! Charlotte Elizabeth was born on June 18 at 12:04 am to Caleb and Gabrielle Corder. She weighed 7# 11oz and was 20.5 inches long. Charlotte will certainly not be short on getting plenty of love from grandparents Brad and Christina, Uncle Cole and Aunt Hannah Morse, as well as cousins Tripp and Cohen.  

We have more baby news coming in the future!  

Jake and Brandi Markland (Jim & Diana’s son and daughter-in-law) are having a son (Jett) in July.  

Austin and Mackenzie Trimble (Tim & Connie Rice’s son-in-law and daughter) are due in August 

Matthew and Hannah Foster are due in November 

Travis and Sierra Floyd are due in January 

I missed a few names for Hilltop Camp this week. Alli Anderson, Abby and Anna Bales (Peter and Stephanie’s daughters) are campers at the Sr. High Wilderness Week. Please add them to your prayer list to pray for this week.  

Here is some info for you just in case you wonder if we make a difference. This past Saturday was Serving Owen County Together. It was hot (understated fact) but 740 adults, 568 kids for a total of 1308 were served. There were also over 100 volunteers, many of them were OVCF folks. Thank you for your help. 😊

Keep this in mind please. This upcoming Sunday, June 30th, is a 5th Sunday. That means the elementary-age young people will join us for worship. Pastor Ryan, Cassie Linville and others will be leading our music. The nursery and pre-school programs will meet as usual. 

My last message of Follow Their Lead is this Sunday. It is entitled It’s What’s Inside that Counts. Beginning July 7 I plan to finish my series on Revelation. I’ve pretty much committed myself to that task since I have all the outlines started and the first three sermons completed.😊

I mentioned in last week’s MM that I had plans for the first part of this week. By the time you get this those plans will be fulfilled. For her birthday this year Tami found out the Atlanta Braves were playing the St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis. Since she is a disgusting Braves fan (that makes  her a traitor), she hinted strongly that a great birthday present would be to go see them play. So being the great father that I am, I said okay. 😊 (I wore my Pirates jersey). The game was Monday  night and I did not know what my schedule would look like so I thought perhaps I would not have time to do a MM. But a little bit of time on Sunday and Diana’s editing while I was gone  made this possible. But I am going to keep my word about keeping it short this week. Have a  great week. Lord willing, see you Sunday. I love you all.  

Pastor Bill

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Back To School Expo


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Fifth Sunday Family Worship


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Move Up Sunday


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Midweek Message 6/19/2024


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #208. I hope you have had a good summer so far. Jo  and I were able to go to the ballfields to watch some of our kids play ball and I can say some  things for sure: 1) it was hot, like blazing hot; 2) the kids had fun and it is nice to see them  active; 3) I think the parents had fun😊; 4) almost to a “T” they are all glad it is over for now.  But then I talked to a parent or two who said, “Travel ball is going to start.” No rest for the  weary, I guess. All in all though, Jo and I (and Tami) had fun watching the kids and chatting with  the adults who were there.  

We have several young people who were at camp this week and two who will be.

  • Cohen Frye, Oakley Groomer, Rob Anderson, and Sophia Kropack were all at Ice Breaker  camp at Hilltop. Ice Breaker is Sunday through Tuesday. 
  • Amelia Borders and James Anderson will be campers on Thursday for Day Camp. It is a  one day experience at Hilltop for them to get a taste of camp.  

Since there will be no MM next week (I have plans for the first part of the week), here are the  campers who will be attending the Senior High Wilderness Week with Pastor Ryan and his crew. 

  • The young ladies attending are Haley Amador, Anna and Rachel East, Meilynn Hess, and  Hannah Pendleton. The young men going are Caleb East and Nolan Miller. Pray for their  hearts to be refreshed and their relationship with Jesus to take on a whole new  meaning. 
  • Faculty members from OVCF include Pastor Ryan and Hope, Macy Carlson, Westin and  Cassie Linville, Linda St. John, and Gracie & Mollie Wainscott. Pray for…well…just pray for  them. 😊


⮚ Alli Anderson was chosen as Most Improved for the 2024 track season at OV. She had a phenomenal season and her hard work and determination truly paid off. A proud momma posted that on Facebook.
⮚ Did you know Deeper has taken a short break through the month of June? It will resume on July 3 at the East homestead.

COMING THIS SATURDAY! Serving Owen County Together!

For the past several years SOCT has benefited the citizens of Owen County, and even those outside of this county. SOCT is a partnership between Servant’s Heart, Hoosier Hills Food Bank, For Bare Feet, Changing Footprints and many others. Here again are the details in case you need a refresher: 😊

❖ Date: Saturday, June 22 from 9 AM-3 PM. (Rain date is June 29)
❖ Location: OVMS/OVHS complex, back parking lot (This is a change from the past due to construction being done on the entrance to OVMS. Drive around back. You won’t miss us!)
❖ Free items and resources available to those in need!
❖ If you failed to sign up to work, please feel free to come and offer to serve. There is always a need for more help.

I try to make the MM informative and filled with news about the OVCF family. But since the MM is my personal word to you, I thought I would add the following. I wrote it for my “Shadow” blog this past Monday (you can read it there and comment if you would like):

This past weekend was one of milestones for me. Three to be exact. I’ll go from Good, to Better, to Best.

Milestone #1- Although mostly meaningless to many of you, I reached my first 20 mile ride of the season. I have slowly been building my mileage throughout this season, although it has never been this late when I have hit this marker. But life happens. A tsunami-like work schedule, weird weather (so far lots of rain), family commitments, knee issues and age (71) have all played havoc with my riding routine. It got so bad that I even rode one morning this past week in 40 degree weather! I slightly under-dressed for that one and got back to the office with my hands not working very well (I couldn’t move them). This past Saturday I hit the 20 mile marker. It was a pretty good day for a ride. Hot (which I like) and a tad bit windy. But I survived. 😊

Milestone #2- Father’s Day. 49 years ago and 44 years (almost 45) ago, I became a father. Tami and Janna have been the two blessings in my life I would never want to have been without. And then Janna blessed me with being a grandfather almost 18 years ago (October). Braden has been a highlight of my time here on earth. I thank God every day for these three gifts God gave me.

Milestone #3- This one is THE highlight of my milestones, the coup de grace of blessings. June 16, 1973 is when Jo and I were married. So Sunday, June 16th, was our 51st anniversary. We have been through a lot; have had our share of ups and downs; moved when we didn’t want to and moved when we did; celebrated the highlights and mourned the low-lights (the death of our parents for one); and we did it together. People find it incredible when I say we have never had an argument, but then I remind them we have had lots of quiet nights. ☺ She has hopefully seen the transformation of an arrogant, opinionated, know-it-all into a man whose heart beats with love for God and for the people He has entrusted to me in my role as pastor/shepherd. At 71 I still have a passion for my work and want to continue doing this until God says, “Enough.” But more than that I want to be known as a man who loved His God first and foremost, loved his children, loved his grandson, loved the church he is now serving, but most of all, loved his wife and was an example of a godly husband, father, grandfather, pastor and man.

Will there be more milestones? I certainly hope so. But only the Father knows (and He ain’t telling). Meanwhile, I want to live my life with purpose and meaning and to live it well.

One of the greatest events of my life was becoming your pastor. Thanks for allowing me to shepherd you for almost 19 years. I love you all.

Pastor Bill

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Midweek Message 6/12/2024


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #207! I know this is a busy time for many of you so thank you for taking the time to read this edition of the MM!
I could start out with a bunch of calendar news but there is some other exciting news to share with you!

  • This past week one of our teen boys attended Hilltop Christian Camp. Tad Nicholson made a decision to follow Jesus and was baptized this past Friday at camp. His parents, Dale and Rachel, and his grandparents were able to be there to witness it. We also had three Jr. High girls attend as well-Bella Madorin, Aubrey Mangia, and Charli Wood. I texted each of the parents and all of them said the girls had a fantastic week. Bella’s mom said she was told “it was her most favorite week ever.” I asked you to pray for them in last week’s MM and to specifically pray for them to have an eye-opening week with Jesus. I’d say that prayer was answered.😊
  • This week is the first of two Wilderness Weeks involving Pastor Ryan and his crew. Faculty members from here besides Ryan and Hope are Abby and Anna Bales (Peter & Stephanie’s two daughters, Anna and Caleb East, and Gracie Wainscott). Pray for each of the faculty members to have wisdom and discernment as they teach and lead the young people this week.
  • Campers this week for Wilderness Week are Rachel East, Trevor Floyd, Kalissa Hamlin, and Tatum White. Zuri Wills is attending on the dorm side of camp. Pray for each of these young people to grow closer to Jesus this week

Here is some really fantastic, balloon-busting, exciting news! Monday morning at 10:00 at the Owen County Courthouse Gavin and Jenna Wells officially adopted their foster daughter, Gigi. She is now officially named Gloria Jane Wells. Jenna said, “Gloria because she’s a light in the world!” and “Her birth mother’s middle name is Jane.” I love that Gavin and Jenna honor God with her first name and honor her birth mother with her middle name. That makes six children for Gavin and Jenna-3 older boys who are their birth children and the 3 younger ones are their adopted foster children. I met them all this past Sunday at the same time! Warner (11), August (9), Christian (7), Emmelia (6), Fletcher (4 until July), and Gloria (2). Warning: quiz coming. 😊 Gavin and Jenna truly show Jesus’ heart for children.

We now have another baby to add to our growing baby list!

⮚ Caleb and Gabrielle Corder (due any time)
⮚ Jake and Brandi Markland (due in July)
⮚ Austin and Mackenzie Trimble (due in August)
⮚ Matthew and Hannah Foster (due in November)
⮚ Travis and Sierra Floyd (due in January)

Congratulations to all of you! 😊

Here is a reminder that this coming Sunday is Father’s Day. That means, of course, you must be extra nice to dad. 😊 But that also means that Change for Life, which benefits New Beginnings Pregnancy Resource Center, is “officially” over. When I say officially that does not mean they won’t take your baby bottles beyond that date, but we encourage you to bring your change filled baby bottles this coming Sunday.

Also looming in the very near future is the Serving Owen County Together event. Saturday, June 22nd is the date for that with the 29th being the rain date. Help is needed to set up (7-9:00); help with booths from 9-3:00 (the time can be split into any time frame); then tear down is from 3:00 to whenever done. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me or Linda St. John.

Just a heads up: Sunday, June 30th is a 5th Sunday. That means the young people in our elementary classes will worship with the adults that Sunday. The preschool and nursery classes will meet as usual. An added bonus for us will be that the youth will be involved in leading the singing part of our worship with Pastor Ryan’s and Cassie Linville’s help. Dick and Vicki Hogan are taking the weekend away so it will work out perfectly. 😊

I’d like to switch gears for now. Most of the MM has been announcements and keeping you current on what is happening with the church family. I have been announcing the past couple of weeks what my preaching plan is for now through October. Here it is in concrete (or at least sand if God decides to change it all).

  • The rest of June will be Follow Their Lead, a look at different men in the Bible. ∙ July and August I plan to finish the series on Revelation I started in January of 2023. Has it been that long? At this point I have four of those sermons started.
  • September and October will point to the 20th anniversary of OVCF on October 20th. My series will be Feels Like Home. Included in that will be a reworking of the “Welcome Home” series as well as adding one on Ruth (a reworking), Philemon, and the Prodigal Son. Obviously there is more fleshing out of this series so this is just temporary. I will keep you up-to-date the closer we get.

It has been a really stress-filled week or two for the OVCF family. Not just staff but for many of you. There are times when it seems the hard times are endless and you wonder, “When will it end?” Or the more prevalent is “How come?” The answer to either of those questions is “Who knows?” Only ONE does and at my last recollection He is not telling. But one truth we know for sure is that He is walking with us through it all. Bobby talked Sunday in his communion meditation about the limitless love, grace, mercy and forgiveness of God. Honestly, that is what I hang onto during the rough times. I know He is present through it all. “Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will not be shaken. My victory and honor come from God alone. He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me. O my people trust, in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him, for God is our refuge.” (Psalm 62:5-8) (NLT)
Please keep in mind that I love you but that God loves you even more deeply.

Pastor Bill

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Midweek Message 6/5/2024


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #206. After taking a week’s break for family “stuff” it is nice to be back with you. I will go ahead and say it now that I’m guessing things will be sort of “up in the air” this summer. Diana will become a grandmother and I suspect she will fully embrace that role. In fact, I’m not sure I will ever see her again.😊 Pastor Ryan’s schedule is always crazy busy during the summer, especially this month when he has two weeks of Wilderness Camp at Hilltop. All that to say that the appearance of the MM may be somewhat spotty this summer. I know. I know. You are needing tissues right now from that announcement. But this too shall pass and you will soon be tired of hearing from me.😊

So…where do I start?

First, I start with a HUGE CORRECTION!! And yes, it is my fault and I can’t even blame anyone else. In MM#204 I mentioned the now yearly event called Serving Owen County Together. And leave it to someone who is involved in the planning to give you the wrong dates. (Sheesh! Can’t take me anywhere!). The correct date for SOCT is June 22 with the rain date being June 29th. The time for the event is 9:00-3:00. Diana has placed some flyers by the info table and also on the bulletin board if you would like more specific information. If you would like to help, please use the Sign-Up Genius app to do so.

Congrats to Kaedence Beckwith!! She made her confession of faith and was baptized in Bob & Tiffany Kropack’s pool this past Sunday. Her dad, Matt, had the privilege of baptizing her. There is a great story to tell about her younger sister Akaydia being baptized about a year ago and Kaedence deciding to wait. She decided now was the time. She has completed two years at Oakland City University and will be enrolling at Ivy Tech in Terre Haute to pursue a degree in diagnostic sonography (You will have to ask her what that is 😊 ).


Some of our young people have been pretty busy already this summer but some are busier than others. We have a couple who are receiving some late accolades from me in the MM:

    • Julian Carson received an award for Perfect Attendance this past school year. Way to go Julian! Honey and Pappy (grandma and grandpa) are doing a great job!
    • Charli Wood was chosen by her teammates as MVP (Most Valuable Player) for the “A Team” in softball. I won’t say that mom sent this to me.
    • We have several of our young people at Hilltop Camp this week. Charli Wood, Bella Madorin, Aubrey Mangia, and Tad Nicholson are campers this week for Junior High Week. Pray they will have an eye-opening week in their relationship with Jesus.
    • This is a little belated but I just read that MiaRose Hess was awarded a scholarship during the Third Annual Owen County Art Guild Auction which took place on April 20th. Congrats, MiaRose! As mentioned in a previous MM, she plans on attending Cedarville University this fall to major in Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

Here is another achievement worthy of mention! Gavin Truesdel was chosen as OV Fire Territory Firefighter of the Year. That is in spite of the fact that Gavin had a heart attack while battling a fire from too much carbon monoxide and adrenaline. Gavin has been on our prayer list since then, is mending, and still under a doctor’s care. But get this, his plans are to enroll in Ivy Tech this fall for nursing, then continue to become a doctor. Go for it, Gavin! We are behind you 100%. I think his mom and dad are proud of him since his dad, Mark, sent this information to me. 😊

Lots of times things happen at the church property very few notice. The work day on May 19th was a great thing to do and it spruced up the property. But another sprucing up took place recently. We own a total of 5 acres with three of them beyond the mowed section almost to the tree line at the back. That can’t be mowed by a traditional mower so twice last year and once this year Dave Keith has bush-hogged the property. Thanks, Dave for doing that and a belated thanks for last year’s work.

For the past three years since his retirement, Dick Hogan has done maintenance around the church building. It was nice to have someone to call on when things needed done. He now wants to enjoy his retirement. Thanks Dick for helping out around the building in multiple capacities and being our “Johnny-on-the-spot.”

We’ve had a lot of sickness, hospital visits and funerals recently. Please pray for their families.

    • Carole Smith, Kris Samick’s mother, went to be with Jesus on Friday, May 31st.
    • Jessica Bryan, a friend of many from the Freedom Homeschool Co-op, passed away last week, following a year-long battle with cancer.
    • Maverick Pendleton, suffered a stroke while he slept which caused paralysis on his right side. The doctors are trying to use PT and OT to get him to the place where he can go to Disney for his make-a-wish trip that was postponed. They say it was the tumor that caused the stroke.
    • Brent Talkington (Kathy’s son) suffered a major stroke over the weekend.
    • Lt. Col. Dave Allen lost his battle with cancer this past Saturday.
    • Daryl Harkrider, a friend of Mike and Nannette Edwards and one whom we were praying for lost his battle with cancer last week.
    • Jimmy Query had surgery on both big toes on Friday. He is grateful and recovering.

That is a lot of people in just over a week’s span.

My sermon this Sunday is Faith and Feet. I’d like to encourage you to try to figure out who those two men are. One is from the OT; the other from the NT. Until then, know you are loved.
Pastor Bill

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4th Annual – Serving Owen County Together


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Memorial Day

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