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Midweek Message 08/10/2022


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #118 where you never know what might pop up out of this guy’s mind! Of course, you have come to expect that I suspect. ☺

I hope you have had a good week so far. School has started for most of the school corporations around here, and if that includes you I hope that you have been able to “settle in” as school gets off to a rousing start. For those of you who haven’t started yet (like homeschoolers)…enjoy these final few days. Our grandson doesn’t start until next Wednesday so I know he is relishing his days, except that he has football practice and is working.

While I am on the subject of school, let me remind you to be praying for Tabitha Freeman, the curriculum director here at S-OCS. For those who don’t know, we commit to praying for one of our educators each week. I’d like to use this as a reminder to you to pray for her.

With the onset of school starting, that also means our Roots youth group also gets started again after a summer hiatus. I’d like to go on record though for saying this: even though Roots took a break for the summer, the young people, and the adults involved in Roots, did not take a break! Whether it was one of the Wilderness Weeks at Hilltop (or both for some); YFC camp; a week at Hilltop; a week in Kentucky; or just general learning and serving, many of our adults and young people had a busy summer. Diana and I saw so little of Pastor Ryan around the office I felt I needed to introduce myself to him. ☺ The youth probably feel like they need to go back to school for a break!! However, let me say this to all of the adults and youth who made this a super busy summer, and to the parents who encouraged your child to participate, I cannot express how proud I am of all of you for your willingness to learn and serve.

Now back to my original thought (see like a ping pong ball is the thing called my mind): Roots starts this Sunday night from 5-7 in the auditorium. Ryan works hard on making Roots a great place to be on Sunday night and to bring your friends.  If you are in Jr or Sr High you are welcome to come AND BRING FRIENDS! It is a time of fun, learning and developing friendships. I told Ryan that it was cool watching friendships start to develop in Roots, develop more over the summer, and to watch the youth hang around laughing and chatting after our morning worship. It warms my heart to see that because these friendships develop, they usually “stick.” So if you know of a friend or a young person who seems lonely or lost, tell them about Roots. Maybe they will come and find their life changed by Jesus and friends of His.

This coming Sunday is also the initial meeting for small groups. We will be meeting at 5:00 in the youth addition. I have tried to give an idea of what this meeting is about so let me put it down for you. Earlier this year, we had a sign-up sheet for those who were interested in small groups. We had a number of folks put their name down, but through time and busyness, we failed to follow through on it. As I said in another MM, I take the blame for that. I should have been more on top of that. Nothing is more devastating and more discouraging to people than to ask for interest and then just not do anything. Forgive me for dropping the ball. This meeting is an effort to get that ball rolling again. Wayne Akerson and Steve Pendleton each have a different approach to small groups. Since there are so many different people interested, I thought it would be best for you to hear from both of them, and then decide what type of group you would like to be involved in.  The plan that evening is to find that out, sign you up according to your interest, and then make plans to get started. We will also have a Q & A time where hopefully your questions can be answered.  We will start at 5 and will go as long as we need to (but no longer than Roots).  One more thing: even if you have not signed up but are curious about the small groups, you are more than welcome to come. There is no obligation at all to join a group that night. See you there!

One item from me personally: For as long as I can remember (yesterday at least) I have offered a Route 66 class. I take 2 years to go through the 66 books of the Bible. After starting, then having to shut down due to that pandemic none of us like to think about, I started it back up last Spring. However, after a few weeks I shut it down in order to revamp it. I restarted it and we made it to Ruth when summer hit.  After contacting everyone involved, I will be starting 66 on September 14th from 6:00-7:00 in the youth addition.  We will be starting with I & II Samuel. Previous attendance is not required so even if you have not been before, you are invited to attend.

This past Sunday in my sermon I mentioned my current reading on what is called the Jesus Movement. It took place in the late ‘60s/early ‘70s and is considered the last great movement of the Holy Spirit. It focused mostly on the hippie generation which included individuals like singer Chuck Girard, Pastor Greg Laurie, and Pastor Ed Underwood. After reading Greg’s new book, Lennon, Dylan, Alice and Jesus, I decided to reread his book called Jesus Revolution. Since I finished that, I have been rereading Ed’s book, Reborn to be Wild. I quoted from it in my sermon Sunday and said I would include it in my MM this week. Here is the quote:

“Only those who are willing to join God in risking grace by extending it to sinners without hesitation or compromise will know the spontaneous spiritual joy that sparks spiritual revolution.

Undeserved, unending, unearned, unconditional, uncontrollable, unblinking, unbound, undefiled, unequivocal, unfaltering, unhinging, unlimited, unmistakable, unprecedented, unsettling-grace-God’s gift of life to all who believe in His Son, unheard of anywhere else but in Christ.” (p.43)

When British thinkers on comparative religions were debating whether one belief in Christianity set it apart from all other religions came to an impasse, C.S. Lewis walked in. He asked what the rumpus was about, they told him they were trying to determine what Christianity’s unique contribution among world religions was. Lewis answered, “That’s easy. It’s grace.”

He is right. No other religion offers grace like Christianity. What a great way to be unique! Grace is still unique and is still for us today. Love the One who gave it. Live in it.  I love you all.


Pastor Bill


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Midweek Message 08/03/2022


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #117.  I hope you are having a good week so far. This week will bring so many changes!  School is starting so traffic patterns will change; teachers will be excitedly welcoming new students; students will be “excitedly” getting up early and starting new classes; and parents will have mixed emotions as their young ‘uns take off for school.  I just hope you all have a great year!

The start of the school year seems to be getting earlier and earlier. I know I’m old (no comment from the peanut gallery necessary) but I can still remember (surprise, surprise) when school ended just before Memorial Day and began after Labor Day.  Man, those days are long gone! I can remember postponing summer vacations until August because baseball was over by then. Ya can’t do that now!  Unless you want to miss a week or two of school. IMHO some things change, but not always for the better. ☹

Every week we pray for an educator of the week. This week our educator is Mr. Andy Cline, the superintendent of SOCS. Mr. Cline has one year under his belt in our school system and I look forward to his influence playing a big part this year. Please join me in praying for Mr. Cline.  Each week I plan to remind you of our educator so you can pray for him/her.

This coming Sunday is a big one for the OVCF children’s department. It is MOVE-UP SUNDAY. To repeat what I have written about in the past couple of MMs:

  • Students beginning first grade will move-up to the Early Elementary Class.
  • Students entering 4th grade will move-up to the Late Elementary Class.
  • Students entering 7th grade will “graduate” from Kid’s Church and will receive a certificate and small gift at the end of class this week. Those students will be welcomed into our adult worship on Sunday mornings beginning August 14th.


There will be an added bonus for the one moving into 7th grade. You are invited to attend ROOTS youth group, which begins August 14th and meets from 5-7 pm. If you have any questions, please see Pastor Ryan. He is the man with the answers!

I spoke with Ryan on Monday and he still has a few open spots for the ROOTS excursion to Koteewi Aerial Park on Saturday. After a couple of days of stress from school starting, youth (or parents) may be ready for some “blowout” fun. The cost is $30/person, but Ryan needs to know ASAP. This is always a fun outing and they stop to eat on the way home (I think it is pizza). I like the order of that: high-wire fun then eat! I know my stomach and the other way around WOULD. NOT. WORK! ☺

Not to be left out: on August 14th starting at 5:00 (pm of course), the adults are invited to attend a meeting about small groups. Due to ROOTS using the auditorium, we will be using the children’s addition room for our meeting. Wayne Akerson and Steve Pendleton will both be presenting their ideas about small groups and you will have an opportunity to sign-up for one if you would like to. I would like to reiterate: even if you did not sign-up originally, you are more than welcome to come and listen and then decide.  I look forward to seeing you there.

In last week’s MM I gave a shout-out to those who run our live stream, and then was privileged to read a letter from the pastor who visited us the previous week. I’d like to give a shout-out to our biggest bunch of volunteers, who along with the youth moving to the adult worship, will also be honored. There are over 30 teachers, helpers, nursery workers, and worship leaders who make Sunday morning in the children’s addition a “happening place.”   Here are their names:

  • Nursery: Amy and Kalissa Hamlin; Will and Sarah Schneider; Hope and Rachel East, Ryan and Katie Keene.
  • Pre-K: Jo Grandi (lead material gatherer). Jasmine St. John; Stacy Wood; Mary Beckwith; Khrista York. Helpers: Anna East; Paige Nally; Kaedence Beckwith.  ???
  • Early Elementary: Cara King (lead material gatherer). Erin Pendleton; Jeanna Srinivasan; Travis and Jill Curry; Melissa Arnold. Helpers:  ????
  • Late Elementary: Terrie MacMorran; Steve Pendleton; JuliAnne Wiegand. Helpers: Cooper King; Cammie King;  ????
  • Check-in: MJ Ramsay and Kori Wainscott
  • Youth worship team: Emily Wyatt; Gracie Wainscott; Mollie Wainscott; Micah Nally
  • Note: Steve and Erin will be stepping off at the end of August.  Thank you for your love and service to our youth!!

I should not have to say how important these folks are to our children’s program.  I spoke about the “unseen and unheard” aspect of the live stream folks. Week-in and week-out this group of dedicated volunteers make a commitment to teach our young people about Jesus. They miss adult worship and often go unrecognized for their faithfulness on Sunday. I don’t want that to happen! So THANK YOU to all the volunteers in our Sunday morning youth program.  You are not forgotten! ☺

One last thought: I finish my “7 Cancers” series this Sunday and begin one called “8 Cures” on the 14th. I have appreciated your kind words about this series which has not been an easy one to prepare for or to preach. As I was reading Tuesday morning during my Encounter Time from Isaiah 31, I ran across this verse: “Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help and rely on horses, and trust in chariots because they are many, and in horsemen because they are strong, but they do not look to the Holy One of Israel, nor seek the Lord!” (Verse 1). I was reminded of Psalm 20: 7 which says, “Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” (ESV).  The matter of dealing with the cancers we face is a matter of control. Who controls us? Will I allow an emotion, a substance, a priority, or some outside influence to have control over me? Ephesians 5:18 tells me I need to allow the Holy Spirit to have control and influence over me.

After a break for the summer and the church directory being updated, the elders want you to know they are committed to praying for you and have resumed their practice of dividing up the directory to pray for everyone! Love you all.

Pastor Bill

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Midweek Message 07/27/2022


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #116. We left town Sunday afternoon with the temps in the sultry category and came home yesterday (Tuesday) to a pleasant 70+. I say pleasant for some of you. I like it hot. My friend, Dave, lives in Arizona and he texted me that it has been brutal for them this year.  Anyway, I hope when you get this you have had a good week.


As I said, we left Sunday afternoon after we were done here and planned to be in Ohio around 5-5:30 to have supper with our family there. All the best laid plans often go down the tube (my “take” on Robert Burns’ quote: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”).  We were moving along well until close to Centerville when we got stopped dead in our tracks for almost 2 hours. When we came to the place of the bottleneck, we saw a truck of some sort on the side of the road with its load destroyed and the whole cab burned out due to a fire.  My heart hurts when I see stuff like that. Long story short, we missed supper with them since we didn’t arrive until a little after 7. We had a nice visit though later and then took Braden to football practice on Monday morning and picked him up for lunch. Then we had a chance to meet Janna and Braden for supper. Whirlwind trip for sure, but he is playing high school football this year again, so we do plan on heading over for a game or two.

Some of you showed concern about Vicki, Jo’s sister, before we left. She was evaluated and her lungs are clear, but due to a cough they tested her and she tested positive for COVID. That changed our plans for visiting her on Tuesday, so we came on home. She is suffering from several health issues so your prayers would be appreciated. And thanks for asking.

Now on to some good stuff!! ☺

    • I have yet to speak to Pastor Ryan personally about their trip to KY, but he did send some pictures. They worked hard and you would be really proud of how they represented Jesus and OVCF.  I’ll let Ryan tell you about their adventures some Sunday.
    • This Sunday is our 5th Sunday Family Worship! Remember that during the second service (10:45) there will be no youth programs, except for Nursery and Pre-K.  All other students will join us in the adult worship. There will even be a special music worship time. You won’t want to miss it!
    • August 7 (1 Sunday from this week) will be move-up Sunday. Students beginning first grade will move-up to the Early Elementary Class. Students entering 4th grade will move-up to the Late Elementary Class. Students entering 7th grade will “graduate” from Kid’s Church and will receive a certificate and small gift at the end of their last class on August 7th (They will stay in the late elementary class THROUGH August 7th). ☺  Those students will be welcomed into our adult church worship on Sunday mornings.
    • An added bonus! Those moving into the 7th grade are invited to ROOTS youth group, which begins meeting Sunday nights on August 14th from 5-7 pm. If you have any questions see Pastor Ryan because he is the man with the answers.


Speaking of ROOTS!  The youth group has several outings planned as they wind down the summer and gear up, i.e. get the young people in a good mood, for school.  ☺   Here is your information hot-off-the-press:

    1. Saturday, July 30 (yeah this Saturday!) the ROOTS group will be kayaking Sugar Creek. The cost is $25/person.
    2. Saturday, August 6 they will be venturing to Koteewi Aerial Park for a fun day of “getting out from under the stress of school starting.”  Cost is $30/person. Again…ask Pastor Ryan for any details. These are family events but some age restrictions apply for safety.
    3. Reminder!!!! ROOTS begins August 14th from 5-7 pm. This is open for all 7-12th graders. Friends are welcome.


And now something for the adults!

    • I mentioned in last week’s MM that we would be having an informational meeting for all who expressed an interest in Small Groups on August 14th at 5:00 in the Youth Addition. We will be having two presentations about possibilities for you to choose, and hopefully some good discussion with a Q & A time.  (Note: Even if you did not or have not signed up, you are more than welcome to come and are under no obligation to join a group.)


I would like to give a shout out to our live stream crew. Each Sunday, we have some very faithful folks who make the live stream happen.  Karen Turner takes care of the first service (sometimes with help from the grands) and Joe Pavich is largely responsible for the second service. Pastor Ryan helps by filling in if they are unable to be there.  Two things:

    1. We really need some new folks who are willing to learn how to do the live stream. You would be taught and given personal instruction on how to do the live stream.  If you would like to help, please volunteer by letting me or Ryan know so we can tell Joe.
    2. And here is what I love to hear! The past several weeks we have had some folks visiting who have watched the live stream first. Three weeks ago we had a couple who decided to come after watching the live stream. This past Sunday we had a visiting pastor and his wife, who were staying at the Canyon Inn on a short vacation. They searched the area for local churches, watched our live stream from the previous Sunday and decided they were going to visit. I was so excited to know that our “unsung and often unseen” people were vital to some visitors coming.  Don’t ever think what you do does not matter!


The longer I live the more I see God’s hand working in the events of my life. Like many others, I have wondered about God’s timing and answers to prayer. Events happen that want to drag me down and say, “See life isn’t good. God doesn’t really care.” But then an event like the two-hour stopped traffic happens. We left about 10-15 minutes later than we planned wanted to.  We were disappointed we missed supper with our family, but this morning I read Isaiah 25:1- “Lord, you are my God; I will exalt You, I will give thanks to Your name; For you have worked wonders, Plans formed long ago, with perfect faithfulness.” That verse put things into perspective for me.  I hope it will help you as you face uncertainty in your life.  Love you all.


Pastor Bill


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Neon Glow Party! August 5th – 7-10 PM @ OVCF

Anyone from the class of 2022– age 25!

Wear something that will glow under black light!

Fun, games, music, face paint! Doors open @ 6:30

Contact Crystal Wyatt with any questions! 812-821-1973

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Midweek Message 07/20/2022


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #115.  I don’t know about you but it sure has been wild and crazy week since I last touched base with you.  I’m going to spend the first part of this MM telling you about some youth stuff.

If you were here Sunday or watched online (you did, didn’t you?), you heard Pastor Ryan mention that the planned trip to Kentucky had been postponed for a few days. Instead of leaving this past Monday, they will be leaving Thursday, the 21st and be returning Monday, the 25th.  After having such a hard time at the beginning finding an open door to go and having them all close, Ryan finally saw an open door and made all the arrangements for this trip. All the pieces fell into place. God continued to open doors for his alternate plans, even down to finding an alternate place for them to sleep Sunday night.  As he mentioned Sunday morning and I reiterated, we do not know what God has in mind for this change in plans. Maybe a whole new batch of people they will get to know and help? Maybe something else? All I do know is that it will be a rich experience for them and I can’t wait to hear about their ministry to the folks there.

An update to your generosity: As of today, $4,973 has been raised for their trip through donations and fundraisers! ☺ This will allow them to pay for all those going on the trip, as well as blessing people in KY with some much-needed items (microwaves and other small appliances). Thank you so much for showing the heart of OVCF in your generosity.

Another youth item Pastor Ryan has asked me to help him promote.

August 7th is our Kid’s Church Move-Up Sunday! Students beginning first grade will move-up to the Early Elementary Class. Students entering 4th grade will move-up to the Late Elementary Class. Students entering 7th grade will “graduate” from Kid’s Church and will receive a certificate and small gift at the end of their last class on August 7th. All incoming 7th graders are invited to ROOTS youth group, which begins meeting Sunday nights from 5-7 pm on August 14th, and are welcomed into our adult church worship services on Sunday mornings.  If you have any questions, please ask Pastor Ryan. He is the man with the answers!!

While I’m at it with the youth area: I just want to give a big hats off to all the Sunday morning teachers, helpers, youth worship leaders, and workers who make the Kid’s Church a fun place for the students on Sunday morning. You all rock!!

One more item to keep in mind: July 31st is our 5th Sunday Family Worship.  The Nursery and Pre-K class will still meet but the rest of the children’s church youth will be with the adults that morning. Something special is planned for the music but I don’t want to scare you away so I am not going to give it away. And no, I am not leading the music! I wouldn’t even do that to my worst enemy let alone people I love. ☺

Near the beginning of the year, we sent out word about the desire to develop more small groups. At the time we had two which were meeting and some of you had expressed a desire to be a part of one. The sign-up sheet was on the table and the response was good. However, we fell down on the job. I take responsibility for failing to be more proactive with it, but the time has come to take that next step. In all honesty, developing small groups is no easy task. Many churches have full-time staff who take charge of that ministry and oversee its implementation and success. We do not. Those who were interested also have full-time jobs and families and I let it slip through the cracks. I apologize for that and hope to alleviate that problem. On Sunday, August 14th at 5:00 there will be a meeting for all who were interested and signed-up for small groups. I want to fill you in on where we are and what the plan is moving forward. I don’t anticipate a long meeting unless we have such a great turnout and interest just “bubbles over” into some great discussion.  (I hope, I hope).  Even if you didn’t sign up, you are welcome.

This coming Sunday, Lord willing, will be the 5th in the series of Seven Cancers. This past Sunday, I spoke about Sloth and tried to take it away from the idea of physical laziness to talk about spiritual laziness. I used a quote by Dorothy Sayers in the first service that I left out in the second. Afterwards, someone asked me for a copy of that quote and it got me to thinking that maybe I should not have left it out. So here is that quote with some thoughts preceding it:

In the history of Christian spirituality (for the record: I am not fond of that word but it was used in the research I was using), sloth has two components: apathy and sadness. The first one means “without care,” implying an aimless indifference to one’s responsibilities to God and to man. One writer, Dorothy Sayers, wrote, “The sin that believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, loves nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, and lives for nothing, remains alive only because there is nothing it would die for.”

That quote really slams hard at the person who takes an “I don’t care” attitude toward life. I am particularly concerned, as I said Sunday morning, about those who have that attitude toward their Christian walk. The lack of motivation for reading the Word, for praying, for worship should serve as a wake-up call to all of us who find ourselves in that trap. It is so easy to get into it and to become wrapped up in “our world” and not desiring to find the time to spend with God.  Any athlete who wants to excel knows he/she has to dedicate themselves to that sport. Nothing haphazard. Not just when they feel like it.  Tragically, some take that attitude toward their walk with Jesus and then wonder (maybe) why it is suffering. Let me challenge you-as I try to do myself-to make time to be with God. Make time to pray. Make time to be in His Word. Make time to worship. Fall in love all over again with Him.

Oops, I’m only supposed to preach on Sundays.  ☺ Have a great rest of the week.

Pastor Bill

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Midweek Message 07/13/2022


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #114.  It is hard to believe the summer is about ½ over. I hope yours has been a good one so far.

Due to the 4th of July being on Monday last week, I did not write a MM. Other than spending time with your family and possibly enjoying fireworks, I do hope you took the time to reflect on this great nation and the freedoms we enjoy being a part of it.  I also hope you took the time to thank God for those freedoms and to ask Him to put His hand on our nation as we struggle with several issues which attack the moral fiber of our nation.

Let’s veer away from that for other important items. I’d like to bring you up to date on some (what I consider important) news items.  I’ll just list them as they come on the calendar.

First, I mentioned this past Sunday about our trip to Graber Post Buildings (GPB) in Montgomery, IN. This past Thursday, the 7th, nine of us made the early morning trip to Graber’s. We really didn’t know what to expect but, man, was it informative! We spent close to an hour and a half sitting around a table, asking questions and being asked questions. We showed them a preliminary drawing of something that we would like and talked through the whole process of building, permits, type of building, and just about everything else we could think of. WE GOT SOME ANSWERS WE WERE LOOKING FOR. Perhaps a back pedal would be good at this point. The Building Team (BT) started meeting before the pandemic hit and like many other meetings came to a halt during that time. After we got back together we had several meetings with someone who helped steer us in the right direction, but a change of jobs took him out of the picture. Our next meeting after that was like spinning our wheels. We were going in circles and getting nowhere. That is when it was decided to contact Graber in order to get some direction. Hence, the excursion by the BT.  As I write this it is Monday morning and this afternoon Diana and I are to meet with a rep from Graber who will look over our plans and our grounds to see what is feasible. I’ll keep you posted on what he says. In fact, if possible I will include it at the end of this MM.

Second, your response to the youth service trip to KY and the funds needed for that to happen has been nothing short of phenomenal. Saturday evening they had a Mac & Cheese bar and also sold T-shirts, all for the purpose of raising funds for the trip.

    • The trip to KY is not for the purpose of having a good time. Do you remember when the tornadoes ripped through Mayfield, KY last December and virtually wiped out the town and the surrounding area? The big organizations focused on Mayfield and have since pulled out. But the devastation in the surrounding area was huge. Pastor Ryan has been trying for months to find a way our young people could help. He was finally able to hook up with an organization that is still working there. Our young people will be helping people they don’t know get their lives back together. They are, at this point, unsure what they will be doing. They just know to go with a servant’s heart and a willingness to get dirty.
    • The trip is scheduled for July 18-22 (next week).


It is not too late to donate for the trip. As of this point, there has been $4438 given to their trip! ☺ Each young person is giving up some of their summer and also paying some of their own cost to go.

    • I said it yesterday from the pulpit and will say it again here: many youth ministries are all about fun and games. And I know Pastor Ryan loves the fun and games. But one of the things I really appreciate about his ministry to our young people is his desire to have fun, but also to teach them the joy of ministering to others. Whether it is helping pack meals for IDES; or going to Hilltop camp to work; or working in a clothing store; or going to KY to help with disaster relief, he has them focusing on the fact that being a young person who follows Jesus is not “all about me.”
    • The church leaders are excited about that. The church staff is excited about that. I believe the parents are excited about that. And you should be excited as well.  (Can you tell we are excited?) ☺
      The one big thing you can do is pray for them while they are on the trip.

Here is your update: Monday afternoon Diana and I met with Marty from GPB.  He spent close to ½ hour looking at the site, talking with us and answering questions we had. He took measurements and a closer look at what we might need to do with excavation and utilities. He will take his thoughts back to our rep at GPB and we will need to make some contacts ourselves.  Your generosity in giving, to both the General Fund and Building Fund, has allowed us to finally put some “feet” to our dream. I promise we will keep you informed whenever we have an update.  One thing you can do that is vital: please pray for the BT, for wisdom in our choices and being able to follow God’s leading. We definitely DO NOT want to get ahead of God!  And as a reminder to you and for those who are new to OVCF: we plan to do this debt-free. We believe God wants that and will honor our commitment. Thanks for praying, and again, for being so generous. As of today, we have saved $212,299.85 for a building project! ☺

You will get this after the fact but I would still like to ask you to pray: My first post-op appointment is today (Tuesday) at 8:20. As is normal, I have no clue what to expect (no comment from the peanut gallery). Jo asked me the other day what I was thinking and other than hoping I can have some restrictions lifted, I have no thoughts one way or the other. It will be what it will be and I have no control over what the doctor might say. I’m just praying for continued healing and for me to accept whatever “comes down the pike” today.  As I write this I also know of two others having surgery this morning. I’m not at liberty to say who but I know they would appreciate your prayers for their recovery.

I’d like to give a big and virtual High Five to Allison (Alli) Anderson and Kysen White. They made a decision to follow Jesus and then were baptized at the Y on July 3.  Pastor Ryan baptized Alli and Ryan, Kysen’s father, baptized him.  What a great way to celebrate the 4th with some really good news!

I’m out of space for this week. Have a really great rest of the week. I love you all.

Pastor Bill

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Tithes & Offerings

Online giving is an option! 

You may visit:

to give via a bank account or debit card.

You will receive full tax credit for your giving. The system charges OVCF a small fee for processing.


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5th Sunday

Sunday, July 31 is our next 5th Sunday Family Worship! Our preschool-K class will meet and the nursery will be staffed & available. Elementary students will join us for our worship service and the youth worship team will lead us in singing.


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OVCF Care Team

Who: OVCF Care Team Coordinators & Prayer Partners

What: Care Team pitch-in lunch & check-in!

When: Sunday, July 17 from 1-3 PM

Where: OVCF

Please see Hope East with any questions!



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Midweek Message 06/29/2022


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #113.  The weather this week has been pleasant so far and I hope your week has been the same. Prepare yourself for a somewhat disjointed MM.

I wanted to let you know that I will NOT be doing a MM next week. I know you are disappointed but with the July 4th holiday and the office closed that puts us a day behind. The Building Team will also be heading to Graber Post Buildings in Montgomery, IN on July 7th to look at possibilities for our new addition.  Thanks to your continuing generosity, we now have $211,538 in the Building Fund. We promised at the outset we would do this wisely and in a way we felt would honor God (doing it debt-free) so it may seem slow to you.  But this is a significant step for the Building Team because we have an idea of what we would like to build. We now need some clarity for direction.  All that to say: it will be a short but very full week, especially for Diana, so I’ll be a super good guy and let her have the week off from her editorial duties. J

On Friday, December 10, 2021 an EF4 tornado with winds cresting at 190 mph and lasting 2 hours and 54 minutes crashed its way through Mayfield, KY and surrounding areas leaving at least 57 confirmed dead. Besides the death toll, the devastation of property is beyond imagination.  Rescue efforts began immediately by FEMA, Samaritan’s Purse, and other organizations. Pastor Ryan has wanted to get the youth group involved in some way but has been unable to make connections. Until now. Now that the main rescue organizations have closed up shop, it is up to others to help with clean-up and relief efforts. During the week of July 18th, Ryan and Hope East and Cassie Linville will be taking a number of our youth with them to help with the clean-up of communities near Mayfield.  To help with funding for the trip, the young people will be hosting a Mac & Cheese bar with all the fixin’s on Saturday, July 8th. The dinner will be from 5:30-7:00 with doors opening at 5. There is no charge but donations are welcomed and accepted. If you cannot make it, there will be a jar for you to make a donation. Speaking personally, I am thankful that Pastor Ryan models and teaches a servant’s heart to our young people.  After the trip I will list all the participants.

Since this coming weekend is Independence Day weekend, I wanted to give myself some space to share something from my files that I clipped back in 1996 from Focus on the Family Citizen. It was a piece written by Tom Minnery, VP of Public Policy. To make room I will be editing it from its original writing:

“In the early decades of our nation’s history, a devout, learned lawyer named Francis Scott Key became so taken with the power of Christ’s gospel that twice he considered entering the ministry. Although he never did, Key became known around Washington, D.C. for his acts of charity and generosity. He worked tirelessly to improve the lot of Georgetown’s poor children, and, along with others, toiled to create a free nation in Africa for the liberated slaves-thus inviting the displeasure of Southern slave owners some 50 years before the Civil War began.

Key was a follower of William Wilberforce, the Christian statesman in England who spent his entire adult life in his ultimately successful pursuit of ending England’s slave trade. {Note: he was on his deathbed when the vote was taken to abolish the slave trade} Wilberforce’s writings confirmed Key’s growing belief that religious faith and patriotism went hand in hand, and that the Christian Gospel was a blueprint for public service.

On the evening of Sept. 13, 1814, at the height of the War of 1812, the 35-year-old Key gave of himself yet again. This time, however, he embarked on a mission of mercy fraught with danger. An elderly physician named William Beanes had been captured by the British and was imprisoned in the hold of a British warship. With President James Madison’s blessing, Key set sail from Baltimore along with a prisoner-exchange officer to search the ship and negotiate Beanes’ return.

Incredibly, they found the ship and freed the doctor but the small party was barred from leaving the warship that night. They were about to attack Baltimore and their first assault would be on Fort McHenry, which protected the city.

Key and the others were forced to watch as the British warship bombed the fort all night long. Cannon after cannon blasted away and it wasn’t until the first light of day Key was able to see the American flag still flying above the fort- a majestic emblem of the failure of the British attack.

Swelled with pride for his country, and grateful to God for sparing the city (the British had sacked and burned D.C. just three weeks before), Key wrote what we now call our national anthem, the “The Star- Spangled Banner.”  We know and hear sung over and over the first stanza of that great anthem. But it is the unknown and seldom-sung fourth stanza that shows Key’s intent with the song. Here are the words: “O! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand/ Between their lov’d home and the war’s desolation/Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav’n rescued land/Praise the Power that hath made and preserv’d us a nation!/Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just/And this be our motto– ‘In God is our trust!’/And the star-spangled Banner in triumph shall wave/O’er the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.”

There are a lot of people spouting a lot of hate these days. We have people using vulgarity to describe their feelings. One musician said, “(Expletive deleted.) I’m renouncing my citizenship in America.”  I say, “Good-bye.” America has it issues, no doubt about it. BUT, and this is a big BUT, it is still the greatest nation on this planet. For those who want to disgrace America with their vulgarity and disobedience, try going to another country and do that.  Their head will be on the chopping block, if it makes it that far. I am proud to be an American, but I am more proud to be a follower of Jesus. My citizenship may be as an American, but my greatest citizenship in in heaven.  I may “love” my country, but I love Jesus more.  And while I may live in and enjoy the benefits of this country, I don’t worship it nor can I forget the benefits I have from the Father in heaven who loved and loves me and gave His only Son for my salvation.  THAT IS THE GREATEST FREEDOM OF ALL. Celebrate Independence Day but if you are a Christ-follower, you have a greater independence nothing on earth can compare to.  He who has the Son is free. That truth will set you free. (John 8: 32)  I love you all.


Pastor Bill


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