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The Starting Point

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: Wake Up Sleepy Head!

TITLE: The Starting Point

Scripture:  Matthew 16: 13-20; Acts 2: 42-47


“Change is inevitable; misery is optional.”


I.   THE PLAN MADE KNOWN                                          


In Matthew 16 Jesus commends Peter for his insight about (who Jesus was), but He also unveiled even more truth about (what He would do).

Plans for starting the church (from The Church Awakening by Swindoll)

        1. I- Jesus would be the (architect).
        2. Will- this look to the (future).
        3. Build- Not only a (beginning) but a (process).
        4. My- this affirms (authority and ownership).
        5. Church- a (body of people).




4 elements from Acts 2:42

        1. (Apostle’s teaching)
        2. (Fellowship)
        3. (Breaking of bread)
        4. (Prayer)

3 thoughts to remember:

        1. It is more important to be (biblical) than (successful).
        2. God’s Word must take preeminence in making decisions, not (human opinion).
        3. Changes are a must to counteract any sign of (erosion).

Next Week: Standing Strong- Acts 4: 1-20


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No Pain, No Gain

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: 8 Cures

TITLE: No Pain, No Gain

Scripture:  Matthew 5:10-12


Persecuted BECAUSE…

  1. 10  –  persecuted BECAUSE of (righteousness)
  2. 11  –  persecuted BECAUSE of (me – Jesus)


Persecution is (malicious treatment) for following Jesus, for ascribing to Jesus’s teachings and leading other to do the same.


Three ways Christians are supposed to respond to persecution…

(Rejoice) – Ref. Hebrews 10:34 and Acts 5:41

(Love your enemies) and (pray for them) – Ref. Matthew 5:44-45

(Grow) in faith – Ref. 2 Corinthians 12:10


If persecution produces joy-filled, continuously-praying, radically-loving, completely-dependent-on-the Holy Spirit, growing, obedient believers in Jesus who are becoming like deep wells of faith, then we’d best not fear it, but rather welcome it as a tool of our refinement – even thanking God for it when it comes because He will cause us to endure and will use it for our maturity and the completion of the Great Commission – to make His Name great among all peoples in all nations.


An Honest Appraisal of our Blind Spots

(Distraction) – Is our focus even close to what God wants us to focus on? Are we using our energies in line with God’s priorities?

(Division) – Are we playing as a team, everyone with their role working together toward the same goal? Or are we too busy squabbling over mole-hills while the mission sits incomplete?

(Consumer-mindedness) – Are we chasing after stuff that doesn’t matter? Are we more concerned about bigger buildings/better programs than greater obedience to Jesus in things like sending missionaries, making disciples, or emptying our wallets to care for the poor?

(Comfortable) – Content with the status quo. An unhealthy comfort produces contentment with unhealthy things and apathy toward them.

(Off-Mission) – Does the way you live match the mission statement of Jesus? Are you personally concerned with making disciples, baptizing them and teaching them to obey Jesus? Do you devote yourself to this relentlessly? Does OVCF do everything with this mission in the cross-hairs?


Praying for the Persecuted

My prayer assignment for the persecuted church is: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


This week I can pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ by… _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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Give Peace a Chance

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: 8 Cures

TITLE: Give Peace a Chance

Scripture:  Matthew 5: 9


    Total of (10,624) battles in history (2019). Of the past 3400 years there have been (268) without conflict.  (2003). Of the 244 years of US history, only (15) have been peaceful. (2020).


Before answer what a peacemaker is we need to answer, “What is peace?”  The Hebrew word for peace is (Shalom).  Psalm 85:10-“Graciousness and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.”

What is a peacemaker?

        1. A peacemaker is characterized by (honesty)
        2.  A peacemaker is willing to (risk pain).
        3.  A peacemaker is a (fighter).


II.  HOW CAN I BE A PEACEMAKER?                         


The imperative to make peace is found in several Scriptures: Romans 12:18 and 14:19.

James 3:16-4:2. Eph. 4:3


Solomon tells us what peacemakers do:

        1.  They (build up each other).  Pr.14:1
        2.  They watch (their tongues) and (heal) rather than (hurt). Pr. 15:1
        3.  They are (slow to anger). Pr.15:18
        4.  They are (humble and trusting). Pr.28:25


Next Week: Pastor Ryan East preaching



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20/20 Vision

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: 8 Cures

TITLE: 20/20 Vision

Scripture:  Matthew 5: 8


I.    WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE PURE IN HEART?                                          


God desires that our hearts be free from (pollutants, irritants, and impurities).

The first term we must clarify is “What does it mean to be pure in heart?”  Turn to Psalm 24: 3-4

The second term to clarify is “What does it mean by heart?”

To be “pure in heart” means that not only our minds but our feelings and actions are to be concentrated (singly on God).

II.   WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO “SEE GOD?”           


“Seeing God” means to know Him intimately, which means you know His heart, His perspective. You see life through His eyes. You see what God sees.

How can I see God?  (“borrowed” from Kent Hughes)

1.       Be absolutely (honest with God).

2.       Realize and acknowledge that only God (can make your heart pure)

3.       Fill yourself with (God’s Word).

4.       Think about how you (want to be seen).

Next Week: “Eight Cures” Title: Give Peace a Chance- Mt.5: 9

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Sticking Your Neck Out

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: 8 Cures

TITLE: Sticking Your Neck Out

Scripture:  Matthew 5: 7



The Romans admired justice, courage, self-control, and wisdom, but not (mercy). The philosophers called mercy (a disease of the soul).

Righteousness on the inside will produce the (fruit of right action).


Grace is shown to the (undeserving); mercy is (compassion) to the (miserable).

James 2:13 “There will be no mercy for those who have not shown mercy to others. But if you have been merciful, God will be merciful when he judges you.” (NLT)

This Beatitude is not showing we can merit God’s mercy BUT those who are God’s children will themselves be merciful and will receive mercy in the end.

One final Scripture: I John 3:17

Next Week: “Eight Cures” Title: 20/20 Vision- Mt.5: 8


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A Radical Pursuit

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: 8 Cures

TITLE: A Radical Pursuit

Scripture:  Matthew 5: 6


3 examples found in the Bible:

1) Isaiah 14
2) Daniel 4: 29-32
3) Luke 12

Lucifer hungered for (power). Nebuchadnezzar hungered for (praise). The rich fool hungered for (pleasure). Because they hungered for the wrong things, they rejected God’s (good things), and (forfeited) both.


The Greek words Jesus uses mean (deep hunger) and (genuine thirst).

 This Beatitude does away with sleek, self-satisfied, half-hearted religion. We must never be (spiritually satisfied).

Biblical examples of this truth abound:

1. Exodus 33:18
2. Psalm 42:1
3. Philippians 3:10

The Greek word for filled means “to be (absolutely satisfied).

Next Week: “Eight Cures” Title: Sticking Your Neck Out- Mt.5: 7

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Easy to be Hard

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: 8 Cures

TITLE: Easy to be Hard

Scripture:  Matthew 5: 5


What is meekness? Building on what Jesus said previously, meekness comes out of a heart that
is poor in spirit and mourning. The dictionary defines it as (deficient in courage). That is not the
Bible’s definition. The Greek word means (mild, gentle, and soft).

A good definition is (power under control).


How can I know I am practicing meekness?

1. I am not always looking out for (myself first).
2. I no longer care about (status in life).
3. I am (finished with myself).

What does “the meek will inherit the earth” mean?

1) (Contentment) comes first.
2) There is a (present and future reward).

Next Week: “8 Cures” Title: A Radical Pursuit- Mt.5: 6

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Good Grief!

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: 8 Cures

TITLE: Good Grief!

Scripture:  Matthew 5: 4


I.   WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO MOURN?                                         

What is Jesus saying by “Blessed are the sad?”

1.  He is not saying, “Blessed are the (miserable, cheerless) Christian.”
2.  He is not saying, “Mourn over the (difficulties of life).”
3.  He is not saying, “Mourn because you are (unfulfilled in life).”

II.  WHAT GOOD CAN COME OUT OF MOURNING?                       

The essence of spiritual mourning, the kind Jesus is talking about here, is the realization of (what we have done with life)  of our desperate need for the (forgiveness of the Lord).

“For they will be comforted” What exactly does that mean?

1) First, who does the comforting?  John 14: 16-17  paraclete means “to come alongside.”
2) Second, the key to comforting is to (draw closer to Christ) and draws closer to us.

What good can come from mourning?

1) You will always be aware of the (greatness of your sin) and the even greater (love and grace of Jesus).
2) You will always keep in mind the need for a (repentant and broken) heart.

Next Week: “8 Cures” Title: Easy to be Hard- Mt.5: 5


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Running on Empty

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: 8 Cures

TITLE: Running on Empty

Scripture:  Matthew 5: 1-3


   I.        IDENTIFYING SOME TERMS                                         


Who was Jesus’ audience?

1)      The Pharisees- (Legalists)

2)      The Sadducees- (Liberals)

3)      The Essenes- (Withdraw)

4)      The Zealots- (Rebels)

“Blessed”- Happy in the sense of (internal joy).

   II.        IDENTIFYING THE LESS THAN OBVIOUS                       

The Greek word for “poor” means abject poverty, to crouch or to cower.  A good understanding of “poor in spirit” is (humility).  Some other Scriptures: Is.66:2; Ps.34:18; Ps.51:17

Why “poor in spirit?” essential?  R. Kent Hughes

1.       Poor in spirit is essential to (knowing God’s approval).

2.       Poor in spirit is essential to (salvation).

3.       Poor in spirit is essential for (spiritual growth).


Next Week: “8 Cures” Title: Good Grief!- Mt.5: 1-4



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The “Hidden” Cancer

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: Seven Cancers

TITLE: The “Hidden” Cancer

Scripture:  1 John 2: 15-17

“Unbridled lust: a cannibal committing suicide by nibbling on himself.”

Lust: “the craving for salt by a man who is dying of thirst.”


   I.        THE FALL


What we know about lust:

1.       Lust is a (disordered desire).   I Thess. 4:4-7

2.       Lust is an (idolatrous desire).

3.       Lust (enslaves) us.

4.       Lust is (destructive).  James 1: 13-15

   II.        THE RISE                      

We are in a spiritual battle:

1)      “lust of the flesh”

2)      “lust of the eyes”

3)      “pride of life”

What now after I have messed up?

1.       Live in (grace) and realize there is grace for your (past).

2.       While there is grace for your past, there is also (expectation for your future).  Take some positive steps.


Next Week: New Series “8 Cures”

Title: Running on Empty- Mt. 5: 1-3



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