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Midweek Message 10/26/2022



Hello and welcome to Midweek Message 129! As I begin writing this on Monday, we have had truly exceptional weather. Other than feeling like I might get blown away, the days (and even the nights) have been phenomenal in the weather department. The weatherman says it is all supposed to change in the very near future, but I’m going with Doc Brown in Back to the Future: “Since when can the weatherman predict the weather?”  They are also saying it is supposed to be a very snow-filled winter. We need the water but I’m hoping they are wrong. J


THIS SUNDAY IS THE DAY!! We have been talking about it for over a month now. Anniversary #18 for OVCF. Just to recap for you here are the essentials:

  • Two services at 9 and 10:45. They will also be livestreamed.
  • Both Pastor Ryan and I will be talking about the Mission and Vision the leadership has been working on the past 6 months or so.
  • Pitch-in following the second service.
  • Volunteer recognition during the meal time. We also hope to give you some insight into our hopes for the future proposed building addition.
  • All monies given that day (unless designated) will go to the Building Fund. Brief history for those who may not know: Our Easter offering has been given to missions; our anniversary offering (with the exception of last year when we split it with missions) has been given to the Building Fund.
  • Since this is a 5th Sunday, the young people will worship with us this week. The Nursery and Pre-K will still meet in their respective spaces at 10:45.
  • All that is needed is YOU! Bring a heart of celebration and worship with you.


On Sunday, November 6th, we welcome Will & Theresa Reed! Will & Theresa were our guests several years ago as missionaries to Africa. They returned for a furlough and spoke at OVCF one Sunday presenting their work. It was decided they would need more time to heal, so they stayed in the states. Will worked for IU (and they also had two more children). They now sense God calling them to return to Africa (Nairobi, Kenya) to be a support to those who are serving in the mission field. They have quite a testimony of God’s healing of their lives and His calling for them to return to the mission field.  Pastor Ryan, Diana, Jo and I had lunch with them about a month ago and their story is captivating.  You will not want to miss that Sunday!

It was refreshing to hear Robert Herrington give the Communion thought on Sunday. Robert is now commissioned (and official according to his words Sunday) and he is awaiting February when he will report to Fort Benning in Georgia. Meanwhile, Logan Cain is now stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. Like all military personnel they love to hear from folks back home. The Anderson family will be making some weekend trips to see him in November. If you would like to send a card, a note or some goodies, they will be happy to take them when they go. They have promised any food sent to him will reach him untouched! J Their info is in our directory if you would like to take advantage of them taking something to him. Believe it or not, he has to pay for every piece of mail he receives! So sending via the Andersons is the best way.

I was totally blown away by your response to Operation Christmas Child. Every shoebox was taken…all 50 of them!! I shouldn’t have been surprised though. You folks have always been super generous when it comes to young people-in our church, the community and the world. Some took boxes and forgot to take the packing lists with labels for boys and girls. Please see Diana if you happen to be one of them. Some asked me what they could do when they found out they were all gone. I talked to Diana and it will not be prudent to order more boxes. They have to be ordered in lots of 50 and we wouldn’t get them until they are due back here. She suggested you may want to go to Hobby Lobby and get one of those boxes to send your gifts or use a shoebox of your choice. Please keep in mind they are due back here on the 13th so we can deliver them to Sherwood Oaks.

With for a few exceptions, we have served our community with a Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day. This year will be no exception. The meal is served at the Lion’s Club from 11-1:00. We also will be offering curbside pickup as well as delivery. Five ladies (Stacy Wood, Nannette Edwards, Karen White, Lizz Bixler, and Janet Jones) have agreed to work together to make this a great event for our community. More information will come in the next MM.

I read the following quote from Corrie Ten Boom this past Monday:

“Look without and be distressed. Look within and be depressed. Look at Jesus and be at rest.”

Let’s take a look at each of those statements:

“Look without and be distressed.” Ain’t that the truth! I would tell you to watch or read the news but that could stress you out and lead you to distress.

“Look within and be depressed.” So many today put a lot of weight on being empowered. Or they might say, “You have it within yourself to change the world.” That is a dead end. We are all broken people and broken people can’t fix things.

“Look at Jesus and be at rest.” Jesus promised His peace to all who follow Him. He said, “Take my yoke upon you and I will give you rest.” He is the One who gives us stability. He is the One who walks with us no matter the storms that rage-on the inside or the outside.

Keep your focus on Jesus.  As you do that, ask Him to take your week and use it for Him.  I love you all and can’t wait to celebrate with you this Sunday. Until then, have a terrific week.


Pastor Bill


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Midweek Message 10/19/2022



Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #128. I hope you had a restful Fall Break (if you had the opportunity to enjoy it) and that getting back to the “old grind” wasn’t too bad.


Let me first remind you to pray for Beth Sewell and Bonnie Richmond, guidance counselors at OVHS. They are our Educators of the week.


There are some other folks you can pray for as well:

  • Paul & Marilyn Hill. Paul’s sister, Alma Marshall, passed away last week.
  • We had been praying for Robert Wells, a friend of Dave Tarrence. He lost his battle with cancer.
  • Melvin Bault was experiencing chest pains on Sunday, the 9th. A visit to the ER showed he had suffered a heart attack.
  • Bob Kropack has asked prayers for his grandfather, Fred Mueller, who is in the hospital with pneumonia.
  • Kris Owsley, a friend of mine and Jo’s, is battling stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Kris has just finished her second round of chemo and has asked prayers for relief from the symptoms.  Dan & Kris are the managers of Wonder Valley Christian Camp near Salem.
  • Maverick Pendleton (4 y/o) is home, but they took him to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on Tuesday to talk about radiation treatments that just target the tumor. Please continue praying for Maverick, for his parents (Josh and Becky) and his four siblings.
  • Keep praying for the Wainscott family-Chris, Kori, Gracie, and Mollie as Chris continues his recovery and physical therapy.
  • Please continue praying for all our Law Enforcement and Military personnel.  Only a casual glance at the news will tell you there is a crisis with both branches of service.


It is unusual for me to start out with a list of prayer requests. I chose to do that because I wanted to follow my own advice from Sunday’s sermon.  It is the urgent or the important. The other items in the MM can be labelled Urgent. Prayer should one of those things which are of first IMPORTANCE.


Now to “stuff” of other importance.


Our 18th anniversary celebration is quickly approaching. Remember the date of October 30th. Quick recap for you: Two services (9 and 10:45).  Pastor Ryan and I will be tag-teaming the message that morning on OVCF’s Mission and Vision. The leadership has spent the past 6 months or so reworking and tweaking both. We are excited about sharing it with you. Immediately following the second service we will have an all church pitch-in. (Have you signed up to bring a food item?) During the meal we plan on honoring our volunteers and also hope to present some ideas to you about the proposed building addition. As a reminder, all giving that day (unless designated) will go to our Building Fund.


Speaking of volunteers, I read the following and wanted to share it with you: But first, a question. I suspect all of you know what Mount Rushmore is. But do you know the name of the South Dakota state historian who conceived of the idea? Didn’t think so (unless you are a super smart trivia buff who likes obscure history info). While millions know of Mount Rushmore with the heads of four US presidents, relatively few know the name Doane Robinson. He is the South Dakota state historian who conceived the idea of the magnificent sculpture and managed the project. The monument is admired and appreciated, but he is the forgotten man behind the masterpiece. His name is either largely unrecognized or was never even known by some.  I see our volunteers in the same light. Week in and week out we have a ton of volunteers doing a lot of behind the scenes “stuff.” They get little recognition due to the fact that they are serving where few see them. Our recognition of them is an attempt to show how much we appreciate them. We know, of course, God sees them and that is good, and it is the best applause. But it is also good that they receive human thanks.  We want to do that and would love to have you join in with us.


Three special events are coming up that I hope you will consider taking part in. I’ll just list them here for you and fill you in with more details in the next MM.

  1. Starting this week we will be participating in the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child ministry. We have taken part in years past and feel this is a good thing to put on our “Christmas list.” The date to have the shoeboxes back to OVCF is November 13th.  Shoeboxes & packing lists are available! Please see Diana if you have questions. ☺
  2. Thanksgiving lunch for the community is at the Lions Club on November 24th from 11:00-1:00. Five ladies have volunteered to steer this meal.  As I said, I will tell you more in an upcoming MM.
  3. Our December “gift” to the young people of our community is going to be different this year. Instead of the Giving Tree, we are going to collect food for Backpack Buddies (BB).  BB is preparing bags for 206+ children in the S-OCS school system. They are running low. We want to help. More info coming.


Well…I have bent your ear and hurt your eyes long enough. ☺  Thanks again for taking the time to read the MM. I don’t know how it helps in keeping you informed, but I certainly hope it does. I look forward to seeing you Sunday as I continue preaching on the church. The sermon is “On Being Contagious” (and no we won’t be talking about masks and COVID). ☺ Love you all.


Pastor Bill

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Care Team Reunion and Pitch-in Lunch

Care Team Reunion & Pitch-in Lunch

Sunday, Nov. 6th, following second service

For everyone involved with our OVCF Care Team-please come and share what God has done through your teams! Please invite others who’d like to join in the work and ministry of the Care Team!


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Operation Christmas Child 2022

We have ordered shoeboxes! Once they arrive, we will have them   available for anyone who’d like to pack one for Samaritan’s Purse. We will include packing info in each box for your convenience!

Please  return them no later than Sunday, Nov. 13 so we may take them to the collection site.


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Midweek Message 10/12/2022


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #127! For many of you this is Fall Break week and that means “get away.” For others it simply means the kids are off school, but your week will go on as normal.  I’ll try not to take up too much of your time with this MM so I don’t anticipate it being as long as they normally are.  I can see Diana rolling her eyes right now saying, “This is the same man who says he is not going to do a MM and then at the last minute changes his other mind.” J

I feel more mature as I write this. As many of you know my birthday was Sunday. The BIG 7-0!  Many of you said, “Happy Birthday” to me and some were oh…so…cruel. Eli Wood you know exactly who I am speaking to. He “smells someone older” and then he asked me if it is 39.   I told Jo that I was going to tell people I had finally reached the “mature” stage. She gave me “the look” as if to say, “Seriously?”  I don’t think her “seriously” was in response to me telling people that, but that I would actually think that and then to believe people would feel that way. What’s a guy have to do around here to get some respect? But, please, whatever you do, don’t agree with her! It will only embolden her. J Thanks again for your kind words and cards.

Our 18th Anniversary celebration is getting closer!  I’d like to remind you to put October 30th on your calendar. I’ve said a lot about the celebration already so I’m going to give it a rest this week. All I would like to remind you of is signing up to bring something to our pitch-in dinner following the 2nd worship service. During that pitch-in we plan to honor our volunteers and hopefully present you with some preliminary drawings on the proposed building addition.


Three prayer reminders for this week:

  • You will receive this on Wednesday. Yesterday Pastor Ryan and his wife, Hope, took 8 people to Hilltop Christian Camp to serve and help get the camp ready for the winter. They plan to return Thursday. While the group is smaller this time around, they will work hard to serve the camp. Please be praying for their safety, as well as a good time of getting to know Jesus better.
  • Michael Robison, the principal of Patricksburg Elementary School, is our Educator of the Week. Even though this is Fall Break for S-OCS students and faculty, an educators work continues. (I know. I have one in the family). Pray for his rest and relaxation this week.
  • I’d like to remind you to pray for Josh and Becky Pendleton and their 4 year old son, Maverick. Mavy (as he is called) has been on our prayer list for about a month. He has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Please pray for them, but I am also a firm believer in the power of prayer. The Bible says, “God can do far more than we can ask or think.” Pray for Maverick’s healing (if that is God’s will). If not, pray for grace for the family as they go through this.


ALSO, as a reminder, the 66 class will not meet on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

In the “this reminds you that you are getting older” department: our grandson, Braden, took his first driving lesson Sunday. He turns 16 this month as well. I can still remember making a surprise trip to Ohio to see him when they brought him home from the hospital. Janna did not know, so the tears were priceless and memorable. I can still remember holding Braden in my arms and praying for God to protect him and to use him for His use. I still pray that for him. But…16???? Where did the time go?

I said this would not be a long MM so I intend on proving Diana wrong and doing just that. I want to close with what I used for my Communion thought this past Sunday. I have been reading a book by Pastor Chris Hodges entitled Out of the Cave, a book subtitled “Stepping INTO THE LIGHT When DEPRESSION Darkens What You See.” Pastor Chris had a serious bout with depression several years ago, as well as fairly recently. He is writing from experience. As I said Sunday, I have (gratefully) never had a struggle with depression, but do need to know how others feel and how to help.  Here is some of what I said Sunday:

When we are in the throes of depression-or know people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, or mental illness-we need to treat ourselves and others the way Jesus treats us-with compassion. Compassion begins by recognizing our human limitations, brokenness, and even sin…God never condemns. Condemnation means you’ve got a problem and there’s no way out. Conviction, on the other hand, says you’ve got a problem and here’s the way out!  Romans 5:1 tells us “There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (taken from pages 35-36) See that? NO CONDEMNATION. God doesn’t condemn us. He will convict us of our sin, but He will not condemn us.

Many of those I know who suffer depression struggle with condemnation and guilt and shame. Not all…some. But if you are one of those who simply cannot forget what has happened and dwells on it, I want you to know God does not condemn you. He does say, however, “Come to me.”

I hope you have a fantastic rest of the week and find some time to relax. In the meantime, know you are loved.

Pastor Bill

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Midweek Message 10/05/2022



Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #126. Thanks for allowing me to “raid” your day with my musings.

Jo and I had a relaxing weekend. It started with attending a football game on Thursday evening (and being so glad I took a jacket to wear). When we left the house it was comfortable and Jo wondered why I was taking a sweatshirt. I’m glad I did! Between the metal bleachers and the wind, it was one of those times you felt like the chill went to the bone. After a relaxing Friday (my normal day off), we had a good time Saturday watching one of the young people play football and then watching a baseball game in the late afternoon. Talk about a “tale of two kinds of weather!” Saturday at noon I forgot to wear a hat and I had a “red head” that evening. Then Sunday we visited a church in Martinsville with Ryan and Amanda Spires.  It was nice being with friends, but we sure missed being with you.  You know how to spoil me and Jo.  Anyway, thanks to Pastor Ryan for filling in for me. I heard from someone that my job was in jeopardy.  He is younger than me I was told, as the man (but I won’t mention Don Taylor’s name) was so ready & willing to share when he dropped in on our staff meeting Monday.  ☺

Don’t forget to pray for our Educator of the Week, Carol Watson. Mrs. Watson is principal at Gosport Elementary. I received a really nice note from her in response to my note to her about praying for her. I’m glad the church does that.

In last week’s MM I asked you to set aside October 30th on your calendar as OVCF celebrates its 18th year.  I trust you have done that and plan to take part in the celebration. Two services. A pitch-in. A sermon entitled “As We Live and Breathe,” will present the revised Mission and Vision of OVCF which the elders have spent some of the last six months working on.  But we also need your help. To make the pitch-in more evenly distributed, Diana has made some sign-up sheets with various food options for you to sign-up and bring. This will make sure the food is spread out over all the food groups (that way we don’t get all desserts). ☺ Please take a moment and consider what you might bring and sign-up so we can prepare for it. The church will provide water and the drinks (tea, coffee and lemonade). I look forward to sharing the day with you. To make the day even more special, we will recognize our volunteers! ☺ More info to come!

FYI: In the past, our Easter offering has been given to missions and our anniversary offering has been given to our building fund. Last year we divided the anniversary offering between the two. This year’s anniversary offering will all go to our Building Fund (unless you designate funds otherwise). Thanks to your continued generosity and support, you’ve made the dream of a building addition where we can all meet together attainable in the near future, Lord willing! ☺

Speaking of the building: In last week’s MM I also mentioned a meeting which was to take place on Thursday with a builder. That meeting did happen with 6 people and the rep. We had a couple who wanted to come, but simply could not get away from their work. Let me just say this: it was a great meeting! He asked a lot of questions and offered some great suggestions.

I contacted one other firm Monday (in order to get multiple bids) and we are still hoping to have something to show you at the 18th Anniversary celebration. We won’t be able to have things in great detail but it is totally possible we will have some drawings for you to see. As of today, we have over $231k in the Building Fund.

This Sunday night from 5-7:00 Wayne Akerson’s small group will be meeting again in the youth addition main room. You are welcome to visit and take part. We will begin viewing and discussing the series Jesus. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. 

During my morning Encounter Time, I have been using a 90 day devotional written by Bill Crowder from Our Daily Bread called A Compassionate Heart. Over the weekend I read the following:

Frances Kemble was a British actress who moved to America in the early 1800s and married a southern plantation owner named Pierce Butler. Frances enjoyed the life afforded by the wealth of the plantation, until she saw the cost of that luxury-a cost paid by the slaves who worked her husband’s plantations.

Having written a memoir of the cruel treatment slaves often suffered, Kemble was eventually divorced from her husband. Her writings were widely circulated among abolitionists and published in 1863 as Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation in 1838-1839. (My note: That is a long book title!) Because of her opposition to slavery, the former wife of a slave owner became known as “The Unlikely Abolitionist.”

Crowder goes on to make this point: “In the body of Christ, God often wonderfully surprises us. He regularly uses the unlikely-people and circumstances-to accomplish His purposes.” He quotes I Corinthians 1: 27-28 and then says this: “This reminds us that God, in His grace, can use anyone. If we will allow His work to be done in us, we might be surprised at what He can do through us!”

One of the biggest complaints I have heard down through the years has been people saying, “I just don’t fit in.” Or “I don’t know what I can do to serve.” There are other ways to say that, but the truth is there are so many ways to serve-some very public and some private. Some big and some small. But all important. Don’t downgrade what you can do to serve Jesus.

Have a great rest of the week. I love you all and look forward to being back with you and seeing you this Sunday.  New Series: “Wake Up Sleepy Head!” starts this Sunday.


Pastor Bill


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Midweek Message 09/28/2022


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #125.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read this message from me to you.

Ladies remember your Truthfilled Bible study with Ruth Chou Simons starts Thursday night at 6:00!  It has been awhile since the ladies had a Bible study and the response has been fantastic! I’m expecting to hear reports of a good study and good friendships started or renewed.

This past Sunday the announcement was in the bulletin and I also said a little from the pulpit about celebrating the 18th Anniversary of OVCF on October 30th.  There will be more information coming, but I’d like to make a comment or two. Due to the unpredictability of the weather, the leaders decided it would be best to have the celebration inside. Due to space, it was also decided to have two services, at 9 and 10:45. In addition, it is also a 5th Sunday, which means it is a family Sunday. All except the nursery and Pre-K children will be in the adult worship service that morning (@ 10:45).  Immediately following the second worship service, we will be having a pitch-in dinner. The church will provide water and drinks. You supply the yummy stuff. ☺

The leadership (elders, Pastor Ryan, and myself) have taken a good amount of time the past 6 months or so to revisit the Mission and Vision of OVCF. We have made some tweaks and some changes so Ryan and I will be presenting the Mission and Vision on Anniversary Sunday. I’m excited about it and look forward to sharing it with you

THE CAKE! During the pitch-in we will also be having a time of recognizing our volunteers who have helped OVCF move forward. The church cannot exist without people who give of their time in various ways to make things happen week in and week out. We want to take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge all who make such a difference for OVCF! ☺

AND ICE CREAM! ☺ We are also hoping to be able to give you an update on our proposed addition. After waiting for over two months for information from one company and not receiving any, we decided to contact another. You should receive this on Wednesday. Tomorrow morning we will be meeting with a rep from that other company. We now have $230k in our Building Fund thanks to your generosity. It is time for us to start pursuing alternatives to our seating issue and the desire to be together in one service.

Your help is needed in a big way. Chris Wainscott has had serious health issues the past year or so and is now at home. With Kori and both girls working, Kori’s mom, MJ Ramsay, has been cooking them meals each day.  MJ and Gracie (their oldest daughter) will be visiting relatives in El Centro, CA soon. This is a great time for us to step up and help a family in what may seem a small way, but is really pretty big. Vicki Hogan is coordinating the meals. If you would like to help make a meal for Chris, Kori and Mollie (their youngest daughter) while MJ is gone, please contact Vicki. To help out, meals can be delivered to our house since it is on their way home. And I promise I will not sample them! ☺  You may call Vicki at 812.821.6907 to offer your help.

As many of you already know, Jo and I will be taking this Sunday off. About two months ago I realized-and Jo reminded me- it had been since late 2021 that I had taken a Sunday off. That is not good for you, nor for me. Variety is good (they call it the “spice of life”) and you need to hear someone other than me on Sunday morning. I also need to take a break from time to time. Our jaunts to Ohio are usually a two day thing-drive there, watch Braden play on Saturday morning, and then drive home. Being so busy is not healthy, especially mentally. So Pastor Ryan is preaching this Sunday on the last Beatitude. Jo and I will be visiting a church with some friends and then go out to eat afterwards. There is a wings place close by. (My heart just beat an extra beat). ☺  We will miss being with you, but look forward to spending time with friends.

Have you ever noticed how God surprises you?  When you least expect it, He does something, or in my case recently, brings someone into your path who impresses you and earns your respect. Recently, there have been several incidents where that has happened. I’m going to leave out names due to privacy (and embarrassment), but I’d like to share about three of those incidents.

  • While visiting with someone, I became more aware of the responsibility this person has taken on. Life has a way of changing our plans, however, I am a firm believer that God never wastes anyone’s time nor lessons to be learned. This person has laid aside plans for the future temporarily in order to take care of other matters. As I left, I offered a hug, and it was accepted.  Along with a hug this person also got my growing respect.
  • I spent some time chatting with someone who has fostered and adopted several children. I give a big warm tip-of-the-hat to this person, but especially anyone who takes on fostering or adopting children who are in less than desirable situations. It turns my stomach when children are conceived and the mother takes no steps to stay clean and sober. Or when abuse runs unchecked or unreported. And abortion is not the answer. Fostering and adoption are two very good alternatives. The other is Jesus.  I didn’t really know this person beforehand, but respect was earned.
  • I believe taking care of aging parents is godly. As Jo and I age, I realize even more how important our own daughters are to me, especially the one who lives with us (and puts up with my “sense of humor”). Anyway, recently two people responded to a need their aging parents had and took care of something they could not have done.  My parents are no longer here, but this couple earned some respect from me for their love and concern.


Don’t forget to pray for Matt Cazzell, who is our Educator of the week. He is the principal at MCES.

That is enough for this week. I hope you have a fantastic rest of the week. Always remember that you are loved.

Pastor Bill


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Hilltop Christian Camp – Youth Retreat



Hilltop Christian Camp: October 11-13                  Cost: $40/person

We’ll be serving at camp to help ready the facility for winter   and next season. We’ll also focus our retreat time on how we        participate in our King’s mission to all people everywhere!

Contact Ryan with questions (812-585-0545).


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OVCF 18th Anniversary – Sunday, Oct. 30th



We will celebrate OVCF’s 18th anniversary & our volunteers on Sunday, Oct. 30th!

Two services: 9 and 10:45* with a pitch-in meal to follow!

*This is a 5th Sunday! Elementary students will join us for     worship and the nursery and preschool class will meet at 10:45.

Please plan to join us! All giving that day will go to our Building Fund (unless designated). More info to come!


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IDES – Safe Worship Training



OVCF will host a Safe Worship training session by IDES (International Disaster Emergency Services)

Saturday, Oct. 29 from 8-12 (donuts & coffee at 7:30).

We encourage the members of our OVCF Safety Team to participate!

Everyone is welcome!


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