Love’s Profile – Part 1

SERIES:  Transformed By Love

TITLE:  Love’s Profile – Part 1

TEXT:  I Corinthians 13: 4-5 (p.959)


  1. WHAT LOVE IS            


1.      Love is (Patient). 


Paul’s idea of patience is to (hang in, to persevere). 


2.      Love is (Kind). 


Patience will take anything from others, kindness will (give anything) to others, even to its enemies.


  1. WHAT LOVE IS NOT                 


1.   Love is NOT (Jealous).   “Jealousy is fierce as the grave.”  Song 8:6


      In Matthew 20:15 Jesus calls it “the evil eye.”  (NKJV)


2.   Love is NOT (boastful).  Jealousy puts others down; bragging (builds us up).


3.      Love is NOT (arrogant).   Pride and arrogance breed (contention).


4.      Love is NOT (rude). 


5.      Love is NOT (selfish).   “Here lies a miser who lived for himself, and cared for nothing but gathering wealth.  Now where he is or how he fares, nobody knows and nobody cares.”


6.      Love is NOT (irritable). 


7.      Love is NOT (resentful).  “Love does not keep score.”


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