Life’s Not Fair!

THEME: Unsinkable

SERIES: An Anchor

TITLE: Life’s Not Fair!

Scripture: Psalm 73


I.   THE DOWNWARD SLOPE                                                  

What is Asaph’s problem? You can’t read this without seeing his depth of (disillusionment). The lens of his eye is clouded by personal (resentment) and (confusion).

Let’s dissect verses 1-14:

1)      Verse 1: (God is good)

2)      Verse 2: (But as for me)

3)      Verses 2-3: the prosperity of the (wicked)

4)      Verses 4-11: the wicked seem to get away with things

5)      Verse 12: Summary- “this is what the wicked are like.”

6)      Verses 13-14: Faulty conclusion- (What’s the use?)


II.  THE UPWARD ASCENT                       

“Life must be lived forward-unfortunately it can only be understood backward.”

His turning point is seen in verses 16-17: Asaph found himself in the (presence of God).

Three main areas where Asaph changes his thinking:

1.      A new awareness of the (destiny of the wicked). [18-20]

2.      A new awareness of (himself). [21-22]

3.      A new awareness of (God’s presence). [23-26]


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