Losing My Mind

THEME: Unsinkable

SERIES: Last Words

TITLE: Losing My Mind

Scripture: Romans 8: 1-11


I.    WHERE WE STAND                                                       

In 7:25 Paul tells us that the only thing which will set us free is the (atoning work of Jesus Christ).

Romans 8:1 tells us we are free. How is that a benefit?

1.      We are (eternally) free.

2.      We are (internally) free. [Verse 2]

3.      We are (positionally perfect). [Verses 3-4]


II.   WHAT WE CHOOSE                           

Two kinds of lives that will manifest themselves:

1.      Life according to the flesh. [5a,6a, 7-8]

1)      They have a fleshly (mindset).

2)      They have a deadly (future).

3)      They are hostile (toward God).

4)      They have an inability to (please God).

2.      Life according to the Spirit. [5b, 6b, 9-11]

1)      It has a (spiritual orientation).

2)      It has a (peaceful existence).

3)      It is empowered by (the Spirit).


NEXT WEEK:   Theme: Unsinkable/ Series: A Lifeboat

Title: Being in Your Right Mind- Romans 8:12-17

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