What A Servant Doesn’t Forget

THEME: Unsinkable

SERIES: Servants

TITLE: What a Servant Doesn’t Forget

Scripture: Micah 6:6-8

I.    LET ME INTRODUCE YOU            

Who in the world is Micah?

1.     His name means (Who is like Jehovah).

2.     He was a prophet of the (poor and downtrodden).

3.     He was (fearless).

4.     He saw the religious reform as (superficial).

What is a servant?

1)     The word used to describe them first was (Christian).

2)     But the word which changes everything is servant or (slave).

3)     The word is used (124) times in the NT.


The context of Micah 6 shows God (is not happy) with them. God expresses (disappointment).

We can have all the (outward forms) correct, but God is more interested in our (hearts) and our (obedience).

Three desires for all of us;

1.     (To do justice). For more see Deut.10:12-13

2.     (To love kindness)

3.     (To walk humbly with God)


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Title: Intangible- Matthew 24:45-25:14-30


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