THEME: Unsinkable

SERIES: Servants

TITLE: Intangible

Scripture: Matthew 24:45  – 25: 14:30


I.    TWO SERVANTS (Expectantly watching)

Two observations to make:

1.     While Jesus presents that two servants are involved, He is not at all interested in their (particular responsibility).  The point we need to remember is every follower of Christ is a (servant or slave).

2.     We are (one or the other).


II.   TEN VIRGINS (Patiently waiting)

Several thoughts come out of this parable:

1)     This is a (big wedding party)

2)     This is an unusually (large wedding party).

3)     The wedding night is filled with (problems not bride wants).

4)     Historically, this is (day one) of the wedding feast.

5)     The groom was (late-very late).


III.  THREE STEWARDS (Diligently working)

The three parables are braided together to give us an understanding of what it means to be (faithful) as we await the (return of Christ).

What does this parable teach us?

1.     The wealthy man clearly represents (Christ).

2.     The three servants represent (us).


NEXT WEEK:   Theme: Unsinkable/ Series: Servants

Title: No Fence/No Limit- Luke 10:25-37


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