I Challenge You!

THEME: Unsinkable

TITLE: I Challenge You!

Scripture:  Various Scripture



Here’s a question for you: How religious do you want to be?

The background to the Scripture in Exodus 33:

·       God met Moses on the mountain

·       Moses comes down and breaks the tablets

·       Melts down idol and makes them drink it.

·       Issues a challenge.


God says He can’t live in their midst. Why? (It was too dangerous for them).  Why? Because He would destroy them. His (holiness and justice for righteousness) would obliterate them.

The Tabernacle was a mobile tent. It contained several items vital to worship:

1.     An outer court where the Brazen Altar and Laver were located.

2.     There were 2 rooms in the Tabernacle itself:

3.     The Holy Place

1)     The Candlestick

2)     Table of Shewbread

3)     Altar of Incense

4.     Holy of Holies

1)     Ark of the Covenant

5.     These two rooms were separated by a veil which we are told was torn from top to bottom at the crucifixion.

Moses recognizes his own need for God’s presence. Exodus 33: 13-21


NEXT WEEK:   Theme: Truth / Series: Faithful

Title: What is Truth?  Romans 1:16-17


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