Why We Do What We Do


SERIES: Supremacy

TITLE: Why We Do What We Do

Scripture:  Colossians 1:19-29

I.    THE PURPOSE OF GOD        

No one else can say what Jesus says: He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, the preeminent one. He is the highest in rank. He is the first in everything. He is to have first place.

Look ahead to Colossians 2:9. All the (divine power and attributes) of God are in Christ.  To put it one way: Jesus Christ is the (exhaustion of God).

        1. In justification, the sinner stands before God guilty and condemned, but is (declared righteous).
        2. In redemption, the sinner stands before God as a slave, but is granted (freedom).
        3. In forgiveness, the sinner stands before God as a debtor, but the debt is (paid and forgotten).
        4. In adoption, the sinner stands before God a stranger, but is made a (son)
        5. In reconciliation, the sinner stands before God as an enemy, but become a (friend).


II.   THE PURPOSE OF MAN           

The positives in suffering:

        1. It (brought good) to the church.
        2. His suffering (filled up) what was lacking in Christ’s suffering.


Paul’s statement to what his purpose is: (proclaiming Christ).

Here is a non-negotiable: The Gospel is for all people for all time.


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Title:  A Burden Worth Carrying- Colossians 2: 1-7


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