SERIES: More Than a Man

TITLE: Seriously?

Scripture:  Acts 2:29-36

“Neutrality is not an option. Either Jesus rose and rightly demands your attention, repentance, trust and obedience, or he stayed dead. If he only became a rotting corpse why should you follow Him?  (Quote by John MacArthur in Risen With Christ by Andrew Warnock-p.43)

I.    FICTION OVER FACT?           

Some of the theories put forth:

1) The disciples knowingly lied.
2) The disciples stole the body.
3) The authorities hid the body.
4) Jesus just swooned on the cross.
5) The disciples just hallucinated when they saw Jesus afterwards.


II.   FACT OVER FICTION?              

“The keys of death were hung on the inside of Christ’s tomb.” Piper

“The resurrection of Jesus is God’s gift and proof that His death was completely successful in blotting out the sins of His people and removing the wrath of God.” Piper

“The only possible reason why early Christianity began and took the shape that it did is that the tomb really was empty and that people really did meet Jesus, alive again.” N.T.Wright

Peter believed in and staked his life on the resurrection. See I P.1:3

Paul used the resurrection to describe what happens to those who are baptized. See Rom.6:4

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