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When are we reopening? What steps should we take when we do? How many services? What about the children’s area? Nursery? Those are all burning questions facing us. You have expressed that also in your responses to the survey we sent out. (It’s not too late to send them back to us in the SASE we included). We WANT to hear your thoughts!! This involves all of us and it would be unwise to make decisions in a vacuum.


Monday morning Pastor Bill, Ryan and Diana met for a staff meeting and crafted some ideas. That afternoon Bill and Ryan met with the elders to get their thoughts and ideas and formulate plans and to answer questions you may have expressed on the survey or have asked via media.  Here is the current plan for reopening the church building to public worship.


The elders succinctly put our values on paper.  Here are Our Values moving forward from this point concerning our reopening:

  1. We want to be safe.
  2. We want to learn as we go and continually improve.
  3. We want to follow the rules.
  4. We want to go slow as we ramp up.
  5. We will continue livestreaming.  (More later)


According to the recommendations passed down by Governor Holcomb’s office, we are in Stage 2 at the present. On May 24th, Indiana begins Stage 3 providing we don’t go backwards in the pandemic. In Stage 3, we (as well as theatres, restaurants, etc.) are allowed to have 50% capacity. So here are our plans:

  1. On May 31st, we will meet together for the first time. We will have two services (9 & 10:45) with each one adhering to the 50% capacity recommendation. If we notice we are reaching that capacity, the youth addition will be the overflow. The service will be livestreamed to the big TV in the back. If needed, we will also use the 3 classroom TVs for a limited number of people.
  2. There will be no nursery/children’s programs and that will be on a TBD basis. Ryan plans to ZOOM meet with the teachers to adopt a plan for the reopening of the youth area.
  3. Doors will be propped open at each entrance. Bulletins and communion will be placed on a table for you to pick up as you enter. Baskets will be available to leave tithes & offerings in or you may give online.
  4. We will be asking there be no physical contact. For now, smiles and greetings will have to be enough.
  5. We will provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the building.
  6. Because cleanliness is a big issue, we will be sanitizing surfaces often and in between services.
  7. We will not require face masks but if you’d like to wear one, we invite you to do so.
  8. Our building is limited in its space so we ask that you take your own precautions passing others in the hallway, or the doorway, or where you sit.  Please be considerate of others.


We realize no one likes restrictions, especially those which require no physical touching (hugging, shaking hands) or where a person sits. If you are hesitant to cooperate or concerned about your safety, then please stay home. If you are an at-risk person due to health concerns or some other reason, then please stay home.  We want to have you here and to see you, but your health and safety is a much greater concern.  We will continue livestreaming the worship service (@ 10:45) for you to enjoy at home.  In fact, we will continue doing in-person & livestream services for the long-term.


One more thing: some have expressed a desire to have a big get together, i.e. party when we all get back together. A tentative date has been set for July 19th at Abram Farm for a time of worship and then a pitch in/potluck. More information will be forthcoming.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church office at 812.828.9840. Thanks for hanging in there with us through all of this mess and for desiring to be back together. We hope this helps answer any questions you may have.


OVCF staff and leaders


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