The Lord Refreshes His People


SERIES: Promises, Promises

TITLE:  The Lord Refreshes His People

Scripture:  Ezekiel 36:22-36


Major Themes in Ezekiel:

1.) The (Sovereignty) and Glory of God

2.) Humans are not like God. They are utterly sinful.

3.) The Lord (judges) and disciplines…   (…to MAGNIFY Himself)

4.) The Lord (forgives) and restores…    (…to MAGNIFY Himself)


God’s own Glory is his primary purpose:

Whatever it is that is about to happen, it is about to happen (for the sake of the Lord’s Holy Name.) [For the sake of His GLORY, FAME, and RENOWN]

Kevin DeYoung: “God is so committed to the Glory of his Name that His Name will either be glorified with us or against us.”  —  Which are you? You either fall under the grace of God because of your faith in Christ and repentance, or you fall under the judgment of God for your unredeemed heart.


The Refreshment (v.24-30, 33-36):

The “I will”s… (What God will do)

    1. (Gather) you in your own land – (v24, 28)
    2. Resettle and (rebuild) your towns –(v33, 35)
    3. Prosper your farms and fields and make your harvests (plentiful) –(v29-30, 34-35)
    4. Spiritual cleansing/forgiveness/redemption –(v25, 33)
    5. Save you from your uncleanness –(v29)
    6. Make my (Covenant) with you and move you to obey me –(v27-28)
    7. (Give you a New Heart and a New Spirit) [my Spirit] –(v26-27)


The heart of flesh, the Spirit of the Lord in his people and a new Covenant with the Lord:

-(Old Heart) = STONE (Cold, Lifeless, Dead, Unfeeling, Insensitive to spiritual reality, Not able to be pricked)

-(New Heart) = FLESH (Soft, Alive, Easily pricked by the Spirit, Responsive, Receptive, It feels spiritual reality, It rejoices in Christ, It feels the worth of Jesus – Now he is EVERYTHING)

– After our heart transplant, (God will place his own Spirit in us!) We were unclean and unholy so unless we’ve been made new, how could God dwell in us? We’ve been made clean, holy and new in Christ! We have been welcomed into God’s presence!

-“You will be my people, and I will be your God.” (We are CLAIMED by God) -> He will keep you as his possession, and he will be ours as well. (See Hebrews chapters 8-10)



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