Midweek Message 8/19/2020



This past week Jo and I had the opportunity to have our grandson, Braden, with us for a couple of days. Our trip to take him back to Ohio turned out to be quite the excursion. An 8 hour round trip turned out taking us close to 11 hours. On the way there a wreck in construction near Springfield, OH caused traffic to stop and then be rerouted another way. I’m not all that sure the other way was that good either since the traffic was stalled. So I did a “U” and we found another way to get back to I-70 beyond the wreck. When we came back about 3 hours later that side of the interstate was still closed off. Then we got tied into a traffic jam about 5 miles from Richmond while returning. We went 5 miles in about an hour and a half. The bad part about interstate driving is there are very few spots to turn and go the other way. It was brutal sitting there and not going anywhere and knowing those flying by on your right would go all the way and be allowed in at the last moment. I was glad to finally get home. Jo & I have decided to take the backroads if at all possible from now on.  But truthfully, in the long view of things, our tie up was minor.  We can say that the state flowers (orange cones) of both Indiana and Ohio were out in full bloom. 🙂


I’m excited about the Volunteer Appreciation Night (VAN) at the Tivoli. It was originally scheduled for March 29th but I’m sure you know why it was postponed. Then we rescheduled it for June or July but again… We finally settled on September 13th at 5:00. Some of you may not know what VAN is. For the past oh-so-many-years Ryan, Diana and I have had the VAN to show our appreciation to all the volunteers who have put in so much of their time to make OVCF “run.” We could not do it without all of our volunteers. This year, as it has been the past 2, we will be showing a movie at the Tivoli. There is no charge for you to join us. When you come in you will be handed a ticket which will give you a free popcorn and drink. If you want anything else, you will be responsible for it. Your name is also entered into drawings for free stuff. The movie will start about 5:45. The movie this year is Incredibles 2. What we need you to do though is to let us know you are planning on coming and how many. And yes, children are most definitely allowed. Maybe I should say, expected. 🙂


I ran out of room in last week’s MM so I left off some ideas for reading. I’m going to take a break this week and give you some good ideas of reading for children. I suggest reading them to your children or if they are old enough to let them read them themselves. All are good and wholesome books, well-suited for their ages.

  • One you can never go wrong with is The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. I understand he wrote them for his nieces and nephews. I have read them several times with my favorite being The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. These are fun books for all ages. Some parents use them as a chance to read before bedtime…to the kids. 🙂
  • Another series I would highly recommend is one you have probably never heard of. It is called The Dragon King Trilogy by Steve Lawhead. The first, In the Hall of the Dragon King, was written in 1982. The other two volumes followed shortly after. I have been thrilled over and over with these books in the past. My copies were so dilapidated they wouldn’t stay together so I went out and bought a whole new set and will be putting them in the church library for all to read. I am currently in #3. These will read best for those 10 and above (and yes, adults can enjoy them also). If your child has a “love” for knights, castles, and medieval life, they will enjoy this series. Young Quentin is 15 when he is tasked with a message for King Eskevar, who is out to war (so they think), but is actually under an evil spell. The other two continue the story of Quentin; Toli, his friend and sidekick; Durwin, a priest who now serves the Most High; and others. There are some definitely good lessons taught. I’m currently rereading them at night. I figured I bought them for the youth, I might as well enjoy them also. 🙂


I want to close by saying thanks to all of you who continue to remember the church in your giving. I am so pleased that I don’t have to keep reminding people to “Give, give, give because the church needs it!” You were so generous before Covid, and during the “closed” church services, you were faithful. Thank you so much. It has allowed us to continue reaching out and helping when we have needed to. I believe I speak for all those in leadership when I say thank you for being so generous. I read of churches who are having to borrow the government money or worse, close their doors due to a lack of funds. This is week #22 of the MM and I have never had to put out an appeal for funds. I’m not doing that now either. Just saying thanks for your faithfulness.


Have a great rest of the week. Please continue to pray for all our front-liners and especially for our school’s administrators, teachers, and students. And while you are at it, say a prayer for OVCF. Pray we keep our focus. Love you lots.


Pastor Bill

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