Midweek Message 8/05/2020


Can you believe it? #20.  I can honestly say that when I started this Midweek Message I never thought it would go this long. I was just looking for a way to stay in contact and dole out some helpful information to you. And every time I think about stopping it, I get a card (Blue Mountain) or an email that says thanks for keeping us informed through your MM. I am humbled that folks find it worth reading, as well as informative.

Speaking of the MM, did you know Sarah from the Chamber puts it on the Chamber’s FB page each week? And did you know it has been flagged for offensive content?  When I asked Sarah about it she said FB sent her a note that it had been flagged. She had to fill out a form for FB and explain why she disputed it. She told FB it was a church message put on the Chamber FB page. They lifted the flag and she was able to post about 2-3 past weeks of the MM.  But you gotta hear this!  You know why it was flagged?  Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? Do you have something to steady you?  Are you sure your mouth is empty of all food or drink?  It was flagged for…here it comes…nudity. Seriously. Some troll flagged it as offensive because of nudity so FB listened. Nudity?  I am of the opinion that nudity requires pictures. Being snarky here: maybe someone needs pictures to replace reading, like early learners. Makes you realize there are those who hate Jesus; hate Christianity; and hate it so bad they will lie. Sad, sad, little people.  Anyway, now that you have had your laugh of the week (or maybe the year) we can now get down to some good stuff. I’m still shaking my head (smh) about the small-mindedness of people.

We complied with Governor Holcomb’s suggestions this past week. Wayne, one of our elders, made a thorough announcement to those in attendance and those online about the steps we have and are taking. If you have any questions, please feel free to listen to the service from Sunday online. You can do that by going to the church’s FB page or YouTube. We positioned the chairs to be socially-distant. Some wore masks; some did not. But here is the really good thing! We had a wonderful service!!  Jim & Diana and the WT did a wonderful job on the song, Jesus, Strong and Kind, written and sung by CityAlight. You can find their music on YouTube. They are from an Anglican church in Sydney, Australia and I highly recommend their worship music (that’s all they do). Anyway, it was great hearing the whole congregation join in and sing a brand new song also.

I’ve gotta tell you folks you have a great bunch of elders serving the Lord and you here at OVCF.  Wayne Akerson, Jeff Carlson and David Robertson work with Ryan and me to help lead OVCF.  This is not a one or two-man operation. I remember several years ago when we had some folks visit OVCF after being a part of a church where the pastor was the “king” and virtually, only authority. By-laws were changed to give that kind of power. They asked me how we operated and I specifically said we are elder/pastor led.  At the time Ryan was not here so I told them I did not make decisions carte blanche as the sole decision maker.  Sure we have some freedom but when it comes to decisions which require serious thought, we don’t make them alone.  Next time you get a chance, how about thanking them or dropping them a note or email?

Last week I started a small section about some books I had read. I was thrilled when someone asked about one of them. This week I want to highlight 2 more.

  1. Christianity for People Who Aren’t Christians by James Emery White. This was a fantastic book subtitled “Uncommon Answers to Common Question.” This book is not full of scholarly words and thoughts but is easy-to-read and understand. This book is perfect for anyone skeptical of Christianity and values honest answers to their honest questions.
  2. Why I Still Believe by Mary Jo Sharp. MJ was a former atheist who had to reckon with the bad reputation Christians give a good God. Why would anyone be a Christian when there is so much hypocrisy in the church? Again, it is great book and MJ writes so anyone can understand. (I did). 🙂

I’m going to leave you with those two this week. I’ll have more in weeks to come. I’ll even have a youth addition coming. As I said last week, you are welcome to borrow them and read them. Just sign them out.

One last item: I was asked the other day if I plan on offering Route 66 any time soon. After teaching it 6 years straight I took a break last year. If there is enough interest I would consider teaching it again. I will probably do it on a Tuesday night instead of a Wednesday. If you are interested, or would like to know more about it, please just ask. Email, text or call whichever works for you.

It was so nice to see rain this past week. And as I write this (Sunday), they say we will have more. It will be good to see the crops thrive but that means I have to cut my grass more. UGH!  Have a great week. Be amazed by God. Love you all.


Pastor Bill

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