Midweek Message 10/28/2020



Good morning and welcome to Midweek Message #32. It sure has been an eventful time hasn’t it? Jo and I went to the Owen County Chamber of Commerce Annual “Banquet” that wasn’t a banquet at the Tivoli Monday night. This community sure is blessed with some super people. Aaron LaGrange was pictured as Wolverine (it was super hero night) and honored for his work with Backpack Buddies. In his short speech he mentioned those who are part of his “inner three” and one of them was our own Linda St. John.  Also, while Marce King was giving a very good overview of this past year, she talked about the Back to School Expo that was moved from the Middle School to the Fairgrounds. She recognized OVCF for its donation to the Chamber for the purchase of supplies.  In the past around 400 backpacks with school supplies were given away. This Expo gave away over 600+ packs! I was honored to help on that day but was really proud of the church when we were mentioned.  And to top off the evening I had the chance to meet one of Tami’s high school friends and a friend who represented Duke Energy. When they found out about Backpack Buddies, they presented Aaron a check for $2000 to help. That was a phenomenal gesture to benefit a program for 1 out of 5 kids in Owen County who would go without food on the weekends and school breaks.


Speaking of youth, I want to highlight a few.

  • First, I owe an apology to Hannah Pendleton. When I was praising the teachers and helpers in our youth area in last week’s MM, I did not know Hannah had helped the previous Sunday. So I humbly apologize and grovel for forgetting to mention Hannah. Is that good enough Hannah? 🙂 And no, she graciously said nothing. I told her mom ahead of time.
  • Second, did you know that every Sunday some of our teenagers lead the young people in worship? No? Well you should know that Gracie and Mollie Wainscott, Emily Wyatt, Micah Nally and Justin Chandler (runs the Power Point for them) do that. They come early on Sunday afternoons to practice before Roots and then early on Sunday mornings to set up. I love that our teens are involved in such a meaningful way. Thank you teens for leading the way!
  • Third, each week two ladies help at the check in desk. They may not be young people, but the fact they are helping in the youth area classifies them as such. (You can pay me later MJ and Kori). Mom and daughter make sure all the children and parents are taken care of every Sunday by checking them in and giving them their name tags. Some may not think it is important but not this guy! Nor Ryan! Nor any parent who has children entrusted to us on Sunday morning. Thank you MJ and Kori for being consistent and steady in your appearance and ministry.


I’d like to let you know of something which is developing. In the past we have offered a Thanksgiving meal at the Lion’s Club from 11-1:00 on Thanksgiving Day. Covid has changed a lot of things and one of those is the meal this year. We have decided to only offer delivery or curbside pick-up at OVCF this year. I will miss the personal interaction that we had with folks who came to eat lunch with us, but this is a good alternative for this crazy year. However, this may not happen at all. Unless someone steps up as a coordinator for the meal by Wednesday, November 3rd, we will have to cancel the meal. Jo, Tami and I will be in Ohio for Thanksgiving (Wednesday through Friday) so we will be unable to be involved on that day. We will be willing to help get you started and I will work with the person who steps up to be in charge of delivery. That really doesn’t leave much time but it can be done!! So if you are reading this and would be willing to oversee the meal, please let me know ASAP. We (Jo & I) plan to coordinate the Christmas breakfast so that meal is covered.


Operation Christmas Child is in full mode (more boxes are available). The church is donating money to Tri Kappa for their “Christmas Shopping for Kids” program. Christmas breakfast will happen (unless something alters that plan) and we plan to give bags of food to those who need them.


Here is some great news!  Our offering last week (Anniversary Sunday) was over $4800. We divided the money evenly between Operation Heal Our Patriots, Dottie’s Refuge (a local women’s ministry), and a clinic in Liberia, where Frog is working hard to get the clinic open. Thank you so much for being so generous.


This Sunday’s sermon is on “What about Searing Loss?”  I’d love to have you check in-either in person or online.  Until then, know you are loved.


Pastor Bill



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