Prayer Needs For The Week

Prayer needs:

Public safety:  Please pray for the safety & well-being of our law enforcement, healthcare workers, grocery, pharmacy & restaurant employees, for everyone still required to work away from home.  LEOs from our church family: Caleb Hutchison, Erich Teuton, Shauna Wetzel, Ryan White

Education:  Please pray for all our educators, students and parents.

HealthOur friends battling cancer: Kris N. (Adienne Robertson’s brother); Craig Cook (Karen Warner’s brother-in-law); Mike & Jane Addair (Grandi’s friends); John McMullen (Karen Warner’s friend); Marty East (Ryan’s father); Bob Turner (Rusty Turner’s father); Kim Henson; Betty Patton (Terri Wainscott’s mother); Riley (10 y/o son of Vicki Tarrence’s cousin), leukemia; Tammie Deckard (relative of Markland’s); Steve Cox (brother-in-law of Karen Anderson/Donna Keith); Col. Allen; Jim Glaser (Kathleen’s brother); Jim Ervin (Mike’s brother); Camy Quiggins (niece of Chad & Terri Dow)

Other health concerns:  Addi Hutchison; Rusty Turner; Scott MacMorran (Terrie’s brother), COVID-19; Christine Chambers’ grandmother; Anne Basey, Lyme disease; Trinity Gimpel (Carole Smith’s niece), car accident;  Betty Carter (Karen Turner’s mother); Alexander Chambers; Mark Shields (brother-in-law of Mitch & Shauna Wetzel); Carol Hill (Paul’s cousin); Bryan Phillips (friend of Query’s), stroke; Kathryn Anderson (Rob & Becca’s daughter), Lyme disease; Ryan Laws (13 y.o. friend of Grandi’s); Wendy Mader; Payslee (infant, friend of Chambers); Crystal  Wyatt; Mike Barger; Grace Pendleton; Joshua Stuiso.

Healthy pregnancies:  Mary & Matt Beckwith; Cassie & Rob Hoene

Recovery:  Mike Basey, hip replacement on 9/30; Ginger East (Ryan’s step-mother); Matthew Pierson (14 y.o.), surgery

Military:  Iain Ramsay, Ft. Leonard Wood; Phillip Morrow; Chris Erb; Jacob Cutler; Sam Allen; Jessica Parmer, in Colorado; James Sparks; Shane Hickman (Linda St. John’s nephew), in Idaho; Nick Hickman (Linda St. John’s nephew), in Colorado.  Please keep all our military service people and their families in prayer.








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