Prayer Needs For The Week

Prayer needs:

Public safety:  Please pray for the safety & well-being of our law enforcement, healthcare workers, grocery, pharmacy & restaurant employees, for everyone still required to work away from home.

LEOs from our church family: Caleb Hutchison, Ryan White, Nikk Wood, Erich Teuton, Shauna Wetzel

Education:  Please pray for all our educators, students and parents.

HealthOur friends battling cancer: Lisa Sanders (friend of Linda St. John);    Stephanie Bryant (friend of Markland’s); Cheryl Smith; Sharron Davenport (Christine Chambers’ grandmother); Drew Hennessy (friend of Stacy Wood); Kris N. (Adienne Robertson’s brother); Craig Cook (Karen Warner’s brother-in-law); John McMullen (Karen Warner’s friend); Marty East (Ryan’s father); Bob Turner (Rusty Turner’s father); Kim Henson; Betty Patton (Terri Wainscott’s mother); Riley (10 y/o son of Vicki Tarrence’s cousin), leukemia; Steve Cox (brother-in-law of Karen     Anderson/Donna Keith); Col. Allen; Jim Glaser (Kathleen’s brother); Jim Ervin (Mike’s brother); Camy Quiggins (niece of Chad & Terri Dow)

Other health concerns:  Caleb Hutchison; Theresa & Steve (Sharron B’s sister & b-i-l), COVID; Tony Roberts (Meshelle’s husband), stroke; Jimmy Chambers, back; Sharron Barger; Terry Walker; Kenny Anderson; Ray & Marge Monticue; Rusty Turner; Mike & Anne Basey; Vicki Hollowell; Betty Carter (Karen Turner’s mother); Alexander Chambers; Mark Shields (brother-in-law of Mitch & Shauna Wetzel); Bryan Phillips (friend of Query’s), stroke; Kathryn Anderson (Rob & Becca’s   daughter), Lyme  disease; Wendy Mader; Crystal Wyatt; Mike Barger; Grace Pendleton

Healthy pregnancies:  Mary & Matt Beckwith; Cassie & Rob Hoene; Rebecca & Ethan Chesser (expecting 4)

Recovery:  Lynn Arnett; Kim Beckwith

Military:  Iain Ramsay, Ft. Leonard Wood; Phillip Morrow; Chris Erb; Jessica Parmer, in Colorado; Shane Hickman (Linda St. John’s nephew), in Idaho; Nick Hickman (Linda St. John’s nephew), in Colorado.  Please keep all our military service people and their families in prayer.

*Please keep Pastor Bill, Pastor Ryan, Diana and our elders (Wayne Akerson, Jeff Carlson and David Robertson) in prayer as they make ongoing decisions for OVCF.

Sympathy:  We extend our sympathy to Jeanna Srinivasan’s family on the passing of her grandmother, Roberta Mosier.

We extend our sympathy to the family of Jim Query upon his passing.  Please keep Charlotte, Jim, Dave & Heather (Query) Keith and their families in prayer.







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