Midweek Message 03/03/2021


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #47!  I hope your week has been going pretty well for you. I gotta tell you that the sunshine of the past week or so sure has me hankering to get outside…to ride. But the doctor has put the kibosh on that for a few weeks so I have to be content to ride inside and spend my lunchtime at the Y. But really…hasn’t the sun been absolutely gorgeous? Sure, we are still reminded by the cool air that it isn’t quite shorts and t-shirt weather but the illusion is enough to keep you going and to dream of “soon-to-be” days. Come to think about it: we turn the clocks ahead on March 14th.  Spring will be here sooner than we think (but not nearly as soon as we wish).  We can always dream can’t we?

This Sunday I want to remind you that we will offer a Masked Service at 1:30 for those who still prefer that option.  For some reason it slipped by all three of us on staff.  My apologies from us for failing to include that reminder each week. Please don’t think for a moment we were trying to marginalize you. For those unsure of this service, the only requirement is wearing a mask at all times.  And if you didn’t get enough in one of the first two services you can wash/rinse/repeat with the masked service. 🙂  I look forward to seeing some of you there.

Owen County has now gone to Blue in the “COVID watch.” That means we can add more chairs but, to be honest, we are still trying to be cautious.  We still have space between the rows that is a shade over 5 feet, leaving you 6 feet from the person in front of you. But it severely limits the number of chairs we can set up.  That leaves us with some questions which I will try to answer here:

  1. How tight is it? Like I said we still have adequate space between rows and currently only have about 60 chairs set up.  So far, that has been adequate given that people have been slowly returning to the church building.  We will continue making adjustments as we feel safety allows.
  2. What about Easter Sunday? Good question.  We have tried in the past to have one service during Christmas and Easter at Abram Farm. COVID wiped both out last year. And it is going to wipe out meeting on Easter Sunday at Abram Farm this April.  That, and there being so many logistics we have to work out, just tells us to stay in our current building and offer two worship services as we are currently doing.  Keep watching for more information concerning Easter Sunday services.
  3. What about the children’s ministry classes? They are still in full-on mode. We have seen an uptick the past couple of weeks in students and we are excited about that. (I think I saw Ryan doing the Happy Dance the other day).  There are some other thoughts floating around about the youth area so stay tuned!
  4. Space seems to be an issue. What is in the works for more space? I’m glad you asked that! Before COVID hit we were already in discussions as a Building Team concerning an addition to our current facility. For obvious reasons we had to put that on the back burner as we waited to see what would happen, how long, and how we would be affected. Now that we are hopefully seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel,” I have asked the Building Team to reassemble on March 22nd to begin talking again about our options. Nothing is set in concrete (pun intended) so it will be a good time of discussion and ideas.  We will keep you up to date. Just for your information: we do currently have $115,125.50 in the Building Fund.  Thank you for your continued giving to the BF, even during the pandemic.


That leads me to a topic I seldom say much about, but should.  Thanks to God’s goodness and your generosity we have been a very blessed church. Each week it seemed as if I read or heard of churches closing, or looking to close in the future, or having to lay off staff because their finances have dried up. But week after week you all have come through in a big way.  I simply cannot say, “Thank you” enough for that. It has allowed us to continue ministering and helping others who really needed it.  That is only possible because of God blessing us and you following His lead. I can’t say it enough: Thank you.

One item of follow up. In last week’s MM I sent you a video of a friend, Mike Laws, and the tremendous work of God in their lives as a result of his son, Ryan’s kidney disease and ultimate failure. April 21st is kidney transplant day.  (Mike is donating his kidney to Ryan). They, and Trisha, his wife, have to isolate for 14 days previous to the surgery so my plan to visit and to pray with them in person cannot happen. Pray that they all stay healthy. Their older daughter, Brooklyn, will be staying with a friend so she can go to school.

“Changing your mind can change your life.” Think on that.

Space is running out for me. Who made me so long-winded?  🙂 Love you all.

Pastor Bill

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