Midweek Message 05/12/2021


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #57. Mother’s Day 2021 is now history.  Even though it was not an “all-out” Mother’s Day, it sure beats last year’s version.  Jo & I were watching a program Sunday afternoon that featured a  mother/daughter reunion. For almost two years they have only been able to see  each other through a window. This year they were finally able to hug and see each  other in person and play cards (mom always wins). It was a heart-warming story and  the mother was a winner in so many ways. Oh…I forgot to tell you she was a very  spry 105. And yes, you read that right-105. Let’s all try to remember that  Mother’s Day is not and should not be just one day out of the year. Like we say  about the “Christmas spirit” and the “Easter truth”- it should never run out. Try  it!

Do you remember from the last MM about me saying to stay tuned for a further  announcement and more clarification? No? That may mean you didn’t read it OR  you suffer from the “Disease of Forgetting.” Here it is! If you have been reading  the bulletin and listening to announcements (you know…that time when everyone  shuts down or goes to get a drink), you have heard of some events which will  happen in the very near future.

∙ On Sunday, May 30th, we will be having a Family Worship Sunday. At the  children’s ministry training and lunch at the end of February, involving the  youth in our adult worship was discussed. From the time they hit 3, until  they reach 7th grade, many young people are never exposed to adult worship.  For 9 years we unintentionally “silo” the children into their own worship and  program. It was suggested to include the children in the adult worship. May  30th will be our first opportunity to try this out. Ryan says, “Our goal is to  partner with parents and elevate them as the primary spiritual developer  in their kids’ lives.”

∙ On Sunday, June 6th, Pastor Ryan is hoping to open the Nursery as a staffed  nursery. Starting with when the pandemic shut things down, our Nursery has  been available to parents with nursery-aged children to use if needed, but it  has not been staffed. The plan is to open the Nursery on that first Sunday

in June with adult helpers in the Nursery. Our hope is that the Nursery will  be a place where you will feel comfortable leaving your child (if you are so  inclined) and know that he/she will be taken good care of. As in the  children’s department, every worker must fill out a background check and be  cleared to work with children. If you would like to help and be put in the

rotation, please let Pastor Ryan know. You may call the church office (812- 828-9840) or email him at youthpastor@ovcf.org.

There is another way you can help us. Every year we try to honor our high school  and college graduates. This has been a strange year in many ways and we have  tried our best to figure out who the graduates are, but there is always the fear of  forgetting someone. If you, or someone you know who is involved at OVCF is  graduating from high school or college, please let Diana know. We plan to honor  the graduates at the second service on June 6th. You can call her at the church  office (812-828-9840) or email her at secretary@ovcf.org.

We have a number of folks I would like you to pray for. Kim Paquette’s surgery to  remove two brain tumors was successful. They are waiting on pathology reports. Marcia Morris, Jeanna Srinivasan’s mother, had a knee replacement last week. Madi  Arnett is to have a knee replacement this coming Monday. Colby Beckwith is  recovering from his ACL surgery. Kathryn Anderson visits her Lyme doctor this  week and Becca, her mother, asked for prayer for her. And if you were listening to  the service Sunday-in person or online-I mentioned my friend’s son, Ryan Laws.  Ryan was given a kidney by his father a couple of weeks ago and the most recent  test showed a slight raising of the creatinine level. This could be a glitch or it  could be a sign of rejection. Please be praying for their family. Why not stop right  now (if you can) and say a prayer for all the folks mentioned.

Hey ladies! The Women’s Connection Ministry is sponsoring a hike at McCormick’s  Creek State Park on Saturday, May 22nd, at 1:00. Gail Kempe is the one in charge so  if you have any questions please contact her at 765-346-0492. Information is in  the bulletin this week and on the church Facebook group’s page.

I began reading this week in Psalm 19 and 20. Psalm 19:1 stood out to me: “The  heavens declare the glory of God and the sky above shows his handiwork.” Indiana weather  has remained constant-you can always depend on it being squirrely. Sunny and in  the 70s and two weeks later frost on the car windows. But what cannot be denied  is the creativity of God. The sun by day; the moon by night; the stars that light up  the sky; the greening of the Spring; the host of different flowers; and the species  of birds (Hint: over 35,000 of them); they all declare to us the creativity of a  creative God. Enjoy Him and His creation this week. I love you all.

Pastor Bill

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