Best News Ever!

2021 THEME: Life on the Edge

Series: The Servant King

TITLE: Best News Ever!

Scripture:   Mark 1: 1-20


I.        NEWS OF A COMING KING      

Some preliminary thoughts about Mark:

1)     The author is Mark, the cousin of (Barnabas). He is known for (abandoning) Paul and Barnabas on the 1st missionary journey.

2)     Most scholars believe (Peter) was the real source of the book.

3)     Written with (Romans) in mind.  He uses the word “immediately” 42 times. He uses the present tense 150 times.

4)     Focuses on what Jesus (did) versus what He (said).

To Mark Jesus is:

1.      Christ- means (an anointed royal figure)

2.      Son of God- he is proclaiming Christ’s (divinity).


II.        THE WORDS OF JESUS     

What about Jesus’ baptism?

1.      It inaugurated His (public ministry).

2.      It identified Him with (sinful humanity).

3.      It demonstrated His (approval) by His Father.

4.      It set (an example) for us to follow.

Lessons to learn:

1)     If the Son of God came as a servant, then being a servant is the (highest of all callings).

2)     If you are going to be a servant, be sure you (have compassion).


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