Listen First

2021 THEME: Life on the Edge

Series: The Servant King

TITLE: Listen First

Scripture:   Mark 4:1-34


I.        LISTEN FIRST        


Three important thoughts at the outset:

1.      Jesus taught (from a boat). (v.1)

2.      Jesus taught in (parables). (v.2)

3.      Jesus’ first words are important: (Listen to this!). (v.3)

A good listener allows the Word to (take root in his heart).

A good listener takes care what he/she (listens to).

A good listener (hears) the truth and (shares it).

A good listener learns to (wait dependently) on God.  See I Cor. 3:6


The drawback to not listening:

1)     They hear but never (hear).  (10-12)

2)     Their disbelief led Jesus to teach in (unexplained riddles). (33-34)

3)     Missing out on (peace and calm). (35-41)


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