Prayer Needs For The Week

Prayer needs:

OVCF Law enforcement friends & family: Caleb Hutchison, Ryan White, Erich Teuton, Shauna Wetzel

OVCF Active Military friends & family:  Nikk Wood; Tyler Benson (friend of Emily Wyatt); Brandon Elliott (Nally’s friend), Saudi Arabia; Iain Ramsay, S. Korea; Chris Erb; Jessica Parmer, in Colorado; Nick Hickman (Linda St. John’s nephew), in      Colorado.

School-related prayer:  Matt Cazzell, Principal at McCormick’s Creek Elementary

This week’s college student: Justin Chandler, Ivy Tech

HealthOur friends battling cancer: Bobby Porter (Sharron B’s nephew); Garry Grandi; Donna Keith; Chip Langley (Holli Truesdel’s brother); Stace Goffinet; Kelly McVicker (Paul & Marilyn Hill’s daughter); Stephanie Bryant (friend of Markland’s); Drew Hennessy (friend of Stacy Wood); Kris N. (Adienne Robertson’s brother);   Betty Patton (Terri Wainscott’s mother); Jim Glaser (Kathleen’s brother); Jim Ervin (Mike’s brother)

Other health concerns:  Alexander Chambers; Ryan Laws; Aliyah (Jenny McGuire’s granddaughter); Chris Wainscott; Janice Meyer (friend of Tami G.), COVID; Rob Babbs; Patrick Hobbs (friend of Tami G.), COVID; Divya Sengupta (Kartik Srinivasan’s cousin), kidney problems; Ted Davis (Bruce’s brother), COVID; Jane Miller (Crystal Wyatt’s aunt); Cleda Creech (Amy Hamlin’s grandmother); Britney Anderson (Cassie Hoene’s sister) & newborn baby, Bridget (born @ 28 wks., in NICU); Jose Burgos (friend of Bivi Torres), hand injury; Terry Walker; Kim Paquette; Taylor Kay (Bault’s granddaughter), Hashimoto’s disease; Haley Graham (child), head injury/coma; Aaron Hunter (friend of Carlson’s), Lyme disease; Ray & Marge Monticue; Rusty Turner; Betty Carter (K. Turner’s mother); Kathryn Anderson, tick-borne illnesses; Crystal Wyatt

Healthy pregnancies:  Amanda & Caleb Hutchison, Christine & Jimmy Chambers

*Please keep Pastor Bill, Pastor Ryan, Diana and our elders (Wayne Akerson, Jeff Carlson and David Robertson) in prayer as they make ongoing decisions for OVCF.


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