The Pivot

2021 THEME: Life on the Edge

Series: Attitude Check

TITLE: The Pivot

Scripture: 1 Tim. 1:12-15; Dt. 33:25


 I.        SETTING THE STANDARD               


It is essential to know and believe this: thankfulness is not just a (religious duty), or a task on a list, or something nice people do. It is not just something we teach our children. Gratitude changes our (attitude). Gratitude changes the way people (perceive us).

What drove Paul’s gratitude was his realization of the (price paid for him).

“Gratitude is the divinely given spiritual ability to see grace, and the corresponding desire to affirm it and its giver as good.” Sam Crabtree


II.        CHOOSING TO PIVOT        


“And as your days, so will your strength be.” Spoken to descendants of Asher:

1.       First mentioned in Gen.30.

2.       Genesis 49- Jacob’s blessing upon Asher

3.       Deut.33- Moses’ blessing as “most blessed” or “most happy.”

4.       Luke 2- Anna, the prophetess

What can we learn from the life of Asher?

1)      When we belong to Christ, we belong to a (happy tribe).

2)      When we belong to Christ, He is our (prosperity and protection).

3)      When we belong to Christ, God promises us (strength) to equal our days.


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“Pictures Don’t Lie”- Col.3:16-17; Psalm 18:1-3, 8-9, 16-19


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