What’s Next?

2021 THEME: Life on the Edge

Series: The Servant King

TITLE: What’s Next?

Scripture: Acts 1:1-11



The power behind the early church:

1.  The understood the importance of the (Incarnation).
2.  There were chosen leaders-(apostles)-who led the church.

What were they to do?

1)  They would be spending their time (immersing) themselves in Jesus.
2)  They would not be doing it (on their own).


What promise was given? (The Holy Spirit would be sent).

Two things are important for us to see:

1.  The church is not a (symbol) but a (reality).
2.  The church is not a (program) but a (power).
3.  The church is not (restricted) but (universal).

Next Week: Series: Attitude Check

The Pivot- I Tim.1:12-15; Dt. 33:25

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