Putting Actions to Your Words

2021 THEME: Life on the Edge

Series: Attitude Check

TITLE: Putting Actions to Your Words

Scripture: James 2:14-26


We need to remind ourselves of something much greater: (we have so much to be grateful for).




What the leper in Luke 17 teaches us:

1.       The man healed was a (Samaritan).  We are (sinners).

2.       The man healed was (overwhelmed by his healing).

            We should be overwhelmed by (the goodness of God).

3.       The man healed received a (greater blessing) from God. We receive one also: (well done).

Being blessed is (passive). Being thankful is (active).




Thankfulness must involve (more doing) and (less talk). Talk is cheap and costs nothing. Expressing gratitude costs almost nothing. Being grateful as a result of (being obedient) does cost something.

A grateful outlook doesn’t just happen. Giving thanks (transforms your heart) and it rubs off on others.

Gratitude should never (be a chore). It is an expression of the (heart’s delight).

A (useless faith) is one kept to oneself. A vital, working faith is one that is (shared) and works for the (good of others).


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“An Unexpected Birth”- Luke 1:26-35, 46-55


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