The Unexpected Child

2021 THEME: Life on the Edge

Series: The Christmas We Didn’t Expect

TITLE: The Unexpected Child

Scripture: John 1:1-5, 14 (and others)


What evidence is there that Jesus is God?

Jesus’s Own (Claims)
The testimony of the (disciples that Jesus accepts)
Jesus (does things that only God can do) – He demonstrates supernatural power and authority
Jesus demonstrates perfect, (self-sacrificial love) on our behalf
Jesus teaches by (his own authority)
He demonstrates (flawless and complete obedience) to the Father
(Divine affirmations): God-enacted events that affirm Jesus as God
(The Resurrection)

Really Human – Really God – Really United into One Person

(Incarnation): the in-fleshing of the eternal Son of God
(Hypostatic union): Jesus has two distinct but inseparable natures in one person.

“Remaining what he was, he became what he was not.” –Wayne Grudem

Why would Jesus do this? Why would Christ eternal take on human nature?

He did it (for you)
He did it (for the Glory of God)

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