Hold the Line!

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: Against the Grain

TITLE: Hold the Line!

Scripture: Daniel 1


There are two tests in life: the test of (adversity) and the test of (prosperity).


     I.        DRAWING THE LINE                       


The book of Daniel is not about Daniel or his friends. It is about Daniel’s (God).


   II.        HOLDING THE LINE      


Major question: why were these 4 men willing to stand their ground against the attempt to conform them to Babylonian culture?  Because of (what they knew about God).

Principal to remember: (God is in control).

4 factors which contributed to Daniel’s ability to stand firm:

1.       (Inner convictions)

2.       (Wise approach)

3.       (Divine assistance)

4.       (Unique Distinctions)

Two important principles to remember:

1)      Inner conviction can overcome any (outer pressure).

2)      God-honoring convictions yield God-given (rewards).


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