Who’s Afraid of Big Cats?

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: Against the Grain

TITLE: Who’s Afraid of Big Cats?

Scripture: Daniel 6


Daniel is condemned to death in a most gruesome manner because he chooses (loyalty to God) over (obedience to the state).



     I.        BE FAITHFUL- (STAND YOUR GROUND)                          


120 satraps (overseers) -> 3 governors -> Darius

Daniel teaches us a very vital lesson here: (Be true to God) even when it may cost you.

There was no attempt by Daniel (to hide his faith).

Dynamic at work: (Evil men) will not stop at trying to entrap a (godly man).


   II.        BE FAITHFUL- (TRUST YOUR GOD)         


Why can we trust God?

1.       Because we can (rest in God’s plan). (16-18)

2.       Because we can be (certain of God’s power) (19-24)

Daniel’s words: “found innocent.” What do they mean? When the heat was applied (I chose God).


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