Look Out for Spies!

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: Snapshots

TITLE: Look Out for Spies!

Scripture: Jude 1-16


    I.        THE CALL TO FOLLOW      


Jude is the half-brother of (Jesus) and the full brother of (James) mentioned in Gal. 1:19. He introduces himself as a (bondservant) of Jesus Christ.

Why did he write this book? Originally to write a positive letter: making every effort to write you about our (common salvation).  But he was hit with some alarming news: (false teachers) had wormed their way into the churches he was writing to.


   II.        THE CREEP WE MUST AVOID                


What creep were they to avoid? (Apostates) who lived corrupt lives and distorted the truth.

Why should we fight against false teachers?  (Main thoughts from Chuck Swindoll)

1.      Because their (doom is certain).  [Verses 5-7]

2.      Because their (tongues are blasphemous). [Verses 8-10]

3.      Because their (religion was empty).  [V.11]

4.      Because their (ways are godless). [14-16]


Series: Snapshots

Next Week: Get Your Act Together- Jude 17-25


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