Picture of Transparent Truth

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: Snapshots

TITLE: Picture of Transparent Truth

Scripture: 3 John


“The eagle-eyed world acts as a policeman for the church…It becomes a watchdog over the sheep, barking furiously as soon as one goes astray…Be careful, be careful of your private lives…and I believe public lives will be sure to be right. Remember that it is upon our public life that the verdict of the world will very much depend.”  Spurgeon


   I.        A REPUTATION OF ENCOURAGEMENT                                  


What does he say about Gaius?

1.      He is praying for his (health)

2.      He was thrilled about the report.

  II.        A REPUTATION OF HARM               


What does he say about Diotrephes?

1.      His (personal ambition) is evident.

2.      His actions were (distorted).




What does he say about Demetrius?

1.      Everyone who knew him (vouched for him).

2.      His life (lined up) with the truth.

3.      He received John’s personal (stamp of approval).


Series: Snapshots

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