Good Grief!

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: 8 Cures

TITLE: Good Grief!

Scripture:  Matthew 5: 4


I.   WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO MOURN?                                         

What is Jesus saying by “Blessed are the sad?”

1.  He is not saying, “Blessed are the (miserable, cheerless) Christian.”
2.  He is not saying, “Mourn over the (difficulties of life).”
3.  He is not saying, “Mourn because you are (unfulfilled in life).”

II.  WHAT GOOD CAN COME OUT OF MOURNING?                       

The essence of spiritual mourning, the kind Jesus is talking about here, is the realization of (what we have done with life)  of our desperate need for the (forgiveness of the Lord).

“For they will be comforted” What exactly does that mean?

1) First, who does the comforting?  John 14: 16-17  paraclete means “to come alongside.”
2) Second, the key to comforting is to (draw closer to Christ) and draws closer to us.

What good can come from mourning?

1) You will always be aware of the (greatness of your sin) and the even greater (love and grace of Jesus).
2) You will always keep in mind the need for a (repentant and broken) heart.

Next Week: “8 Cures” Title: Easy to be Hard- Mt.5: 5


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