Midweek Message 08/31/2022


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #121!  This is the place to be in the middle of the week for that refreshing splash of “Aaaaah” that we all seem to need.  (cough cough)

My first order of business is to take care of something in the MM…an apology and an update. Some of you will probably put all that up to the fact that I will soon be turning 70…I think. My body sometimes tells me I’m closer to 75 or 80 while my mind whispers “You aren’t that old” while my other mind concurs (or is that conspires against me?).  So, here goes…

  • The mistake. In last week’s MM I wrote about my Route 66 class beginning again on September 14th at 6:00.  All well and good.  HOWEVER, I also said that the small group (which I will share about in a moment) is also meeting that same evening.  It would be sort of hard to have a small group and my 66 class in the same room at the same time discussing different topics.
  • The correction.  As Wayne Akerson announced this past Sunday, the small group is meeting Sunday night, September 18th, from 5-7:00.  In my defense…and IMHO…dates are one of the easiest things to mess up and miss in proofreading.  (Did you see how I just justified my mistake? I’m good aren’t I?) ☺


So, here is the real scoop. You already know the date correction. What exactly is going on? At the beginning of the year we had folks sign up who might be interested in being in a small group. After the meeting a few weeks ago on Sunday night, Wayne asked our small group about being a catalyst group for starting new ones. Since Wayne and Valarie’s house is too small to accommodate a larger group than the 10-12 who come on a regular basis, we decided to meet at the church building (children’s addition) from September 18 through December. This will give others an opportunity to come, check out a small group, and perhaps say, “I’d like to be more involved in one. Count me in.” We would then work on getting another small group started with the goal of getting another one, then another one.  Wayne’s group is a more traditional small group: some fellowship, about an hour of study and prayer, then refreshments. The group does not meet every Sunday night. We talk about nights which work and set dates for that. Wayne then sends out reminders to everyone. This “temporary” group will also operate the same way, so don’t stay away because you can’t commit every Sunday evening.

There is another type of small group which meets. It is more of a LIFE group approach. This group meets for a meal, discusses their lives (good and bad), and then prays with each other. If this type of group interests you, the Pendleton’s, East’s, Wyatt’s, and Linville’s would be able to give you more information.

There is also another group planning on meeting as friends/learners. Their approach is more of the LIFE group approach with one person taking the devotion for the evening. With their permission I will share their information in some future MM.

WOW! What started with an apology went ‘round Robin Hood’s barn to bring you to important information of small groups.  Seriously though, if you have any questions about the meeting on the 18th (I got it right this time!) you may ask Wayne (812.287.2497) or me (812.821.1752).

Giving you a heads up!  We have been announcing in print and from the pulpit about the office being closed on Labor Day. Along with that heads up is another one. Due to the much shorter week with the office closed and Diana taking Thursday and Friday off for some much-needed and well-deserved time to be with her family, there will not be a Midweek Message next week. She will only have two days to do all her work and I don’t want to put more pressure on her. (I’m such a nice guy! ☺ ) So…do not look for a MM next week. I know how heartbreaking that is, but we all have to deal with some heartbreak along the way. ☺ Just think though! The following week there will be one in your inbox. See…I have just given you something to take away the heartbreak and put a smile on your face and some wind in your sails.

Don’t forget to pray for Norm Warner this week as our Educator of the Week. Norm is the Technology Director for S-OCS schools.

In last week’s MM I mentioned that I would be sharing with you this week about my proposed preaching schedule for the rest of the year.  Here you go:

  • Finish the “Eight Cures” series on October 2nd. Pastor Ryan is preaching that morning.
  • Begin a 5-week series on the church I’ve titled Wake up Sleepy Head!
  • A 4-week series on the OT Feasts (begins Nov. 13) and how they relate to Jesus and to Thanksgiving. The final one will be Hanukkah and Purim which will start the Christmas season and series.
  • A short series on the names of Jesus as we focus on Christmas.
  • The 2023 theme (at this point): VICTORY! begins with a series on Revelation. (Not sure how many weeks that will be). It’s a work in progress.


Now…all of that is subject to God not changing the schedule. He sometimes surprises me with what He has going on. But as far as I know right now, this is it.

This coming Sunday our Educator of the week is actually two men: Robert Boltinghouse (Principal of OVHS) and Jerry Bland (Asst. Principal of OVHS). I’ll not be able to remind you in the MM to pray for them so please keep a note of their names handy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this MM. I know many of you will be traveling and camping this coming Labor Day weekend. Do be safe. Stay healthy. Love your family. Spend time together and (if possible) away from distractions. And if you are able, take the time to join us online. ☺  Remember you are loved greatly.

Pastor Bill


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