Midweek Message 10/26/2022



Hello and welcome to Midweek Message 129! As I begin writing this on Monday, we have had truly exceptional weather. Other than feeling like I might get blown away, the days (and even the nights) have been phenomenal in the weather department. The weatherman says it is all supposed to change in the very near future, but I’m going with Doc Brown in Back to the Future: “Since when can the weatherman predict the weather?”  They are also saying it is supposed to be a very snow-filled winter. We need the water but I’m hoping they are wrong. J


THIS SUNDAY IS THE DAY!! We have been talking about it for over a month now. Anniversary #18 for OVCF. Just to recap for you here are the essentials:

  • Two services at 9 and 10:45. They will also be livestreamed.
  • Both Pastor Ryan and I will be talking about the Mission and Vision the leadership has been working on the past 6 months or so.
  • Pitch-in following the second service.
  • Volunteer recognition during the meal time. We also hope to give you some insight into our hopes for the future proposed building addition.
  • All monies given that day (unless designated) will go to the Building Fund. Brief history for those who may not know: Our Easter offering has been given to missions; our anniversary offering (with the exception of last year when we split it with missions) has been given to the Building Fund.
  • Since this is a 5th Sunday, the young people will worship with us this week. The Nursery and Pre-K will still meet in their respective spaces at 10:45.
  • All that is needed is YOU! Bring a heart of celebration and worship with you.


On Sunday, November 6th, we welcome Will & Theresa Reed! Will & Theresa were our guests several years ago as missionaries to Africa. They returned for a furlough and spoke at OVCF one Sunday presenting their work. It was decided they would need more time to heal, so they stayed in the states. Will worked for IU (and they also had two more children). They now sense God calling them to return to Africa (Nairobi, Kenya) to be a support to those who are serving in the mission field. They have quite a testimony of God’s healing of their lives and His calling for them to return to the mission field.  Pastor Ryan, Diana, Jo and I had lunch with them about a month ago and their story is captivating.  You will not want to miss that Sunday!

It was refreshing to hear Robert Herrington give the Communion thought on Sunday. Robert is now commissioned (and official according to his words Sunday) and he is awaiting February when he will report to Fort Benning in Georgia. Meanwhile, Logan Cain is now stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. Like all military personnel they love to hear from folks back home. The Anderson family will be making some weekend trips to see him in November. If you would like to send a card, a note or some goodies, they will be happy to take them when they go. They have promised any food sent to him will reach him untouched! J Their info is in our directory if you would like to take advantage of them taking something to him. Believe it or not, he has to pay for every piece of mail he receives! So sending via the Andersons is the best way.

I was totally blown away by your response to Operation Christmas Child. Every shoebox was taken…all 50 of them!! I shouldn’t have been surprised though. You folks have always been super generous when it comes to young people-in our church, the community and the world. Some took boxes and forgot to take the packing lists with labels for boys and girls. Please see Diana if you happen to be one of them. Some asked me what they could do when they found out they were all gone. I talked to Diana and it will not be prudent to order more boxes. They have to be ordered in lots of 50 and we wouldn’t get them until they are due back here. She suggested you may want to go to Hobby Lobby and get one of those boxes to send your gifts or use a shoebox of your choice. Please keep in mind they are due back here on the 13th so we can deliver them to Sherwood Oaks.

With for a few exceptions, we have served our community with a Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day. This year will be no exception. The meal is served at the Lion’s Club from 11-1:00. We also will be offering curbside pickup as well as delivery. Five ladies (Stacy Wood, Nannette Edwards, Karen White, Lizz Bixler, and Janet Jones) have agreed to work together to make this a great event for our community. More information will come in the next MM.

I read the following quote from Corrie Ten Boom this past Monday:

“Look without and be distressed. Look within and be depressed. Look at Jesus and be at rest.”

Let’s take a look at each of those statements:

“Look without and be distressed.” Ain’t that the truth! I would tell you to watch or read the news but that could stress you out and lead you to distress.

“Look within and be depressed.” So many today put a lot of weight on being empowered. Or they might say, “You have it within yourself to change the world.” That is a dead end. We are all broken people and broken people can’t fix things.

“Look at Jesus and be at rest.” Jesus promised His peace to all who follow Him. He said, “Take my yoke upon you and I will give you rest.” He is the One who gives us stability. He is the One who walks with us no matter the storms that rage-on the inside or the outside.

Keep your focus on Jesus.  As you do that, ask Him to take your week and use it for Him.  I love you all and can’t wait to celebrate with you this Sunday. Until then, have a terrific week.


Pastor Bill


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