The Starting Point

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: Wake Up Sleepy Head!

TITLE: The Starting Point

Scripture:  Matthew 16: 13-20; Acts 2: 42-47


“Change is inevitable; misery is optional.”


I.   THE PLAN MADE KNOWN                                          


In Matthew 16 Jesus commends Peter for his insight about (who Jesus was), but He also unveiled even more truth about (what He would do).

Plans for starting the church (from The Church Awakening by Swindoll)

        1. I- Jesus would be the (architect).
        2. Will- this look to the (future).
        3. Build- Not only a (beginning) but a (process).
        4. My- this affirms (authority and ownership).
        5. Church- a (body of people).




4 elements from Acts 2:42

        1. (Apostle’s teaching)
        2. (Fellowship)
        3. (Breaking of bread)
        4. (Prayer)

3 thoughts to remember:

        1. It is more important to be (biblical) than (successful).
        2. God’s Word must take preeminence in making decisions, not (human opinion).
        3. Changes are a must to counteract any sign of (erosion).

Next Week: Standing Strong- Acts 4: 1-20


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