Midweek Message 11/02/2022


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #130! By the time you get this the week will be half over so I hope it has been a good one. And may the last half be better than the first! And here is something else to think about: Christmas is less than two months away. Yikes!


The Owen Valley Patriot football team overcame an early 14-0 deficit and made all of Owen County proud by winning the sectional game 28-21. They defeated another previously undefeated team. Along the way, the fans of Gibson-Southern complimented our young men. That is a great tribute in and of itself.  We hope they continue their winning ways, but always doing it with humility.

Saturday we hosted a Safe Worship seminar which was open to all. It went from 8-12:00 and was taught by 32 year police veteran, Ed Sanow. It was a great eye-opening experience for all who attended. It dealt not only with safety from a crisis perspective, but also medical safety. I’m thinking it will take us a bit to implement some things, but it sure has stirred the fire.

Sunday, of course, was our anniversary.  Both services had some high energy and it was phenomenal to hear the congregation sing How Great Thou Art and then an acapella rendition of Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. WOW! I had duck bumps listening. The meal afterwards was filling (as always) and we had fun honoring our volunteers with a drawing. It was also good news to hear about the building addition progress. I owe a debt of thanks to the Worship Team for leading our worship; to Pastor Ryan for team teaching with me on “As We Live and Breathe” (our Mission and Vision); to all who brought food for our pitch-in and to all who helped with the drawing; and to Wayne Akerson for the building presentation. A special thanks to Pat and Vanna (Ryan and Diana) for being the game show hosts, to Linda St. John for contacting several restaurants for gift vouchers, and to Travis and Jill Curry for donating honey.  But most of all, thanks to all of you for making our 18th anniversary a fun time, for laughing (especially during the volunteer time with the sheer joy of the children), and for sharing in our dreams.

The total anniversary offering was $5722.50 which now puts our Building Fund at $238,675.22. The Building Team will continue to meet and will keep you abreast of all progress and decisions.



Several events will be happening in November.

  • Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes should be at the building by Sunday, November 13th.  We have set a date of November 16th for when we take the shoeboxes to Sherwood Oaks (collection site). As I said in last week’s MM, I was blown away by your response. 50 boxes were snatched up in one day. We have never had that happen before. In fact, many asked about getting more boxes. Your generosity is beyond belief. Thanks so much for being willing to help children all over the world.
  • Please keep in mind the date of Thursday, the 24th. I know that is Thanksgiving Day but it also going to be the day we serve and provide a Thanksgiving meal to our community. We will be serving at the Lions Club from 11-1:00. Not only will there be a sit down meal for those who come to the LC, we will also be offering curbside pickup as well as delivery. Due to the lack of a local newspaper, our advertising is limited, so help us get the word out. If you know of someone who could use a warm meal on Thanksgiving and wants to spend some time with people, tell them about us. If you know of someone who can’t get out, or is shy around people, but would like a meal, give us their name and we will deliver it. Or better yet, we can give it to you and you can give it to your neighbor (and be the one who ministers to them). If you know people who are afraid of exposure to others, tell them we will bring it out to their vehicle or they can pick it up. Use this as an opportunity to reach out to others.  They/you may also call the church office to request a delivery (812.828.9840). Please call by Nov. 21st! ☺
  • This Sunday sign-up sheets will be out for you to sign up for what you might like to bring. If you would be willing to cook a turkey or ham but can’t afford it, let us know. The church will provide it for you.  The sign-up sheets will also have a place for you to sign if you would like to help set up/tear down, serve food, or make deliveries.
  • Five ladies-Stacy Wood, Karen White, Nannette Edwards, Lizz Bixler and Janet Jones are the Fab Five who are overseeing this. I really appreciate their willingness to take this ministry to our community upon their shoulders.


Please be in prayer for the Educator of the Week, Mr. George Bergen, the guidance counselor at MCES. I also failed to remind you in last week’s MM to pray for Jennifer Zigler, the guidance counselor at OVMS. You can pray for them both this week.

Monday morning I read a devotion about serving. I posted the following on my “Living in the Shadow” blog (condensed version):

Many people like to hide. They take a back seat and are totally content to do so. They like to labor behind the scenes. Unseen by many, each week they do “their thing.” Teach children. Work in the nursery. Safety and security. Work the sound. Live stream. Do Power Point. Clean up. Collect garbage. The list is endless.

They like it that way. They want it that way. Praise and accolades is not why they do what they do.  Paying homage to those who serve is not a new concept. They don’t clamor for it. A servant doesn’t do that. One who serves does just that: serves. Jesus once said, “I have not come to be served, but to serve, and to give my life as a ransom for many.

Every once in a while it is nice to be “seen” and to hear an “attaboy.” Have you taken the time lately to let a volunteer know how much you appreciate what they have done?

Have a great week. I love and appreciate each of you.


Pastor Bill

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