God Separates His People

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: Feasts with a Purpose

TITLE: God Separates His People

Scripture:  Lev.23: 9-14, 15-22


A Greek word: hagiadzo means (to separate). It came to mean (to be holy).

I.  A SEPARATION BASED ON FAITH                                              

I Cor. 15: 20-23

Firstfruits could not be celebrated apart from the (Passover); and Jesus’ Resurrection could never be celebrated apart from His Passover (sacrifice) for us.

Biblical faith is based on the (truth), the facts about God: spiritual experience is to be the (result) of that faith not the cause of it.

In the Hebrew the word accepted means (pleased or delighted).

II.   A SEPARATION BASED ON PROMISE                              

Important to remember: while Pentecost is the “birthday celebration” of the church when the Holy Spirit came, we are never to look to the Holy Spirit as the foundation of our faith. The church is not and never should be about the Holy Spirit. It has been and always should be about (Jesus). No church should ever worship (the Holy Spirit).

Two promises fulfilled:

1. What happened on Pentecost was a fulfilment of Joel 2.
2. When Peter took the Gospel to the Gentiles it fulfilled the prophecy of the (gospel for all people).

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Sermon Title: God Reminds His People- Lev. 23: 26-44


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