Midweek Message 01/04/2023


Hello and welcome to 2023! WOW that was different.  I know I’m getting old but I don’t remember 2022 happening.  J  Anyway, welcome to Midweek Message #138 and the first one of this new year.

Let me start off by reminding you to pray for our Educator of the Week: Cassie Linville. Cassie is a teacher at Eastern Greene High School. With the start of school after a break, I’m sure she would appreciate your prayers…as would all the teachers.

I have to start out the first MM of 2023 already offering an apology.  On Christmas morning our elementary age children did a skit depicting the Christmas story in Luke 1 & 2. The reader was one of our teenagers, Allison Anderson. But for some reason I called her Addi. Not once. Not twice. But three times!! I’ve known Alli for over 2 years now and I called her by the wrong name. I could rationalize it and say I had been texting with someone earlier that morning who has a daughter named Addi- and that would be true- but that is still no excuse. Alli was a good sport about it as I was teased multiple times and reminded. Thanks Alli for being such a good sport and laughing at an old man’s faux pas. Fortunately that took place in 2022 so I’m still good to go for 2023. But how much you want to bet…?

December is a blur to me. Normally I have a chance to slow down and catch my breath and enjoy the pace and sounds of the season. But this December was so different. It took a bitter cold and somewhat snowy (but not as bad as they predicted) Christmas time to slow things down some (except for the shoveling and thawing that had to be done). Jo, Tami & I had a chance to take off Christmas afternoon to visit our family in Ohio, as well as make a trip to Sandusky to see Jo’s sister in the nursing home.

With this being the first edition of 2023, and since we have so many new people who are attending and receive this MM, I thought I would share some vital information for you to know. Each week Diana puts some of this in the bulletin, but I suspect much of it is missed. So I put it here for you to know or to remember:

For your information: If we are here alone, the door will be locked for security. Please knock or call us and we’ll come to the door! Pastor Bill and Pastor Ryan are available whenever there is a need.  Church office phone number is (812) 828-9840


Diana is here M-F, 8 AM-1PM.  Her email is secretary@ovcf.org

Pastor Bill’s day off is Friday. His email is pastor@ovcf.org

Pastor Ryan’s day off is Tuesday. His email is youthpastor@ovcf.org


You might be wondering why we have not included our personal phone numbers.  This MM goes out to a lot of people-many who are not part of OVCF-through Facebook, the Owen County Chamber and others. We prefer our personal numbers not be published for all to see. If you have a reason to contact us, you may call the church office or the church directory has those numbers.  Thanks for understanding.

I’d like to thank all those who put their time and effort into the skit which took place on Christmas morning. Sadly, it was also supposed to be performed on Christmas Eve but the weather sort of changed that. L But thanks to all those who were involved in making it happen.

Speaking of the weather: Five ladies will be texting or calling you in case of inclement weather (like Christmas Eve). Madi Arnett, Vicki Hogan, Tiffany Kropack, Linda St. John, and JuliAnne Wiegand make those calls or texts. (Thank you ladies!) Diana also posts it on Facebook and sends out a mass email.

Don’t forget that I will be starting my series on Revelation this coming Sunday.

The theme for 2023 is Victory!

The theme for the series on Revelation is The Lamb Wins!!

January 8- Just So You Know- 1:1-3

January 15- Hear Ye! Hear Ye!- 1:1-8

January 22- Feast Your Eyes on Him- 1:9-20

January 29- He Knows-Pt. 1- Chapter 2

February 5- He Knows- Pt. 2- Chapter 3

February 12- God on the Throne- Chapter 4

February 19- The Lion who is a Lamb- 5:1-8

February 26- The Lamb is Worthy!- 5:9-14


Through March and April I plan to take a break from Revelation and focus on the cross, then my plan is to get back to Revelation. You can make a serious difference by doing two things:

  1. Please pray for me as I prepare-for my heart and mind to be in tune with the Spirit’s leading.
  2. By reading ahead and praying for an expectant heart.


My last words for this week: We often hear people at the beginning of the year setting resolutions. I stopped doing that and began to pray for a heart willing to be yielded to God’s leading, and to be the change we often hear so much about. Instead of expecting everyone else to change, why not start with me? Like everyone, I have my ups and downs, my highs and lows, my victories and defeats. But I also know I have a promise from the Father that He will never leave me or forsake me, no matter how much I mess up. I KNOW 2023 will have challenges. I expect them (but don’t know when). I pray I am prepared for those moments. Join me in being prepared.

Shameless plug coming: Did you know I write a daily devotional blog Monday through Thursday? You can find it at http://livingintheshadow.ovcf.org or by going to the church’s website and clicking on the icon on the left side.

Have a great new year! I’ll start out by saying, “I love you.”

Pastor Bill

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