He Knows-Pt. 2

2023 THEME: Victory!

Series: The Lamb Wins!!

TITLE: He Knows-Pt. 2

Scripture:  Revelation 3


I.        HE KNOWS WHAT?                                                      


Characteristics called God’s perfections:

        1. He is (Immutable). He is unchanging.
        2. He is (Omnipotent)- He is all-powerful
        3. He is (Omnipresent)-  He is everywhere Present
        4. He is (Omniscient)-  He is all-Knowing


Review of chapter 2 (What God knows)

        1. Ephesus- He knows what and who we love
        2. Smyrna- He knows what we are willing to suffer for
        3. Pergamum- He knows what we really believe
        4. Thyatira-  He know what we are willing to tolerate

II.        WHAT MORE DOES HE KNOW ABOUT THE CHURCH?                                     

#5- The church at Sardis- He knows our (spiritual condition).

*It is possible to have a reputation of being spiritually alive, when in reality the condition of our souls is different.

#6- The church at Philadelphia- He knows the state of our (commitment).

#7- The church at Laodicea- He knows (who we are depending on).


Next Week: Theme: Victory! Series: The Lamb Wins!!

Sermon Title: God on the Throne- Revelation 4




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