Don’t Forget to Remember

2023 THEME: Victory!

Series: To and From the Cross

TITLE: Don’t Forget to Remember

Scripture:  Matthew 26:17-30


I.    THE EVENTS SURROUNDING THE MEAL                                                         

Setting the scene in verses 17-19

        1. It is the first day of (Unleavened Bread).
        2. Jerusalem was (packed) and the Roman army on (high alert).
        3. The week began with Jesus entering (riding on a donkey).

II.   THE ELEMENTS SURROUNDING THE MEAL                                       

What is the significance of the meal?

        1. The meal was celebrating (Jesus).
        2. The meal was celebrating the (blood of the Lamb).
        3. The meal was celebrating (hope for the future).


The Passover meal (looked back) to what God had done in their history, and (looked forward) with hope and expectation to what God (would do) when God truly became king.

We are not to be (takers of) but those who are (taken by) communion.

A couple thoughts to ponder:

        1. Communion is a (celebration).
        2. Communion is not meant to be a (secondary occasion). It is mean to be (central).
        3. Communion is a life-giving time for (renewal of our faith).


Next Week: Theme: Victory! Series: To and From the Cross

Sermon Title: The Sting of Failure- Matthew 26: 69-75



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