God on the Throne

2023 THEME: Victory!

Series: The Lamb Wins!!

TITLE: God on the Throne

Scripture:  Revelation 4


 I.        THE SCENE BEFORE US               


What is this heaven?

1.       The first heaven- (space which surrounds the earth). Ps. 147:8)

2.       The second heaven- (outer galaxies).  Gen.1:17

3.       The third heaven- (place where God dwells).  2 Cor.12:2

John sees what we all need to see: (God on the throne of the universe).


 II.        THE CELEBRATION BECKONING US               


4 essentials about true worship:

1.       True worship is the worship (of God alone).

2.       True worship is the acknowledgment of (God’s attributes).

3.       True worship is (ceaseless).

4.       True worship is best when it is also (done with others).

The words they use:

1)      “Holy, holy, holy”- The ultimate. (Sets Him apart from all others).

2)      “Lord God, the Almighty”- three-fold name for God.

3)      “The one who was and is and is to come”- expresses the idea of (divine infinity and sovereignty) over history.

To summarize: God is (holy). God is (sovereign). God is (eternal).


Next Week: Theme: Victory! Series: The Lamb Wins!!

Sermon Title: The Lion Who is a Lamb- Revelation 5:1-8





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