Midweek Message 03/29/2023


Hello and welcome to a milestone: Midweek Message #150! Many of you are newer readers and do not know that the MM was started during the shutdown during you-know-what.  I knew for many having me visit was not an option so I started the MM as a way to communicate with you about what was happening at OVCF. I combined it with what I called “drive-by’s,” where I stopped in your driveway or close to your house and prayed for you. Unless you caught me and asked me to come closer (several did), it was my way of staying in touch with you, but also to let you know that I was thinking of you and praying for you. It is hard for me to believe that I have sent out 150 of these Midweek Messages. I owe a debt of thanks to Diana for being my editor and to you for allowing me into your world each week.

Please be praying for Julie Allen. She is our school-related person to pray for this week as she serves as the S-OCS Corporation Nurse.

We had a big day Sunday! Congratulations to Sherry Pavich on her baptism. Following the second service we made our way to the YMCA in order for her son, Joe, to have the privilege of baptizing his mom. Sherry moved here to be near Joe, Emily and Charlotte, her granddaughter. (Hmmmm, now why would she do that? ☺ )  Since the move she now has twin grandchildren, Thomas and Margaret, too. She began worshiping with us immediately after moving here and has been involved in my Route 66 class that meets on Wednesday nights. Several weeks ago Sherry asked if she could meet with me to talk about baptism and that night we set the date for the 26th. What a thrill to see Joe baptize his mom.

There are a couple of church events happening this week you might want to be aware of.

  • Friday night is the Connections Women’s Ministry Recipe Swap from 6-8:00. They ask that you bring one of your favorite dishes and the recipe for them to sample and share.  You are also welcome to bring your favorite cookbook or recipes to share. Please contact Macy Carlson at 812.606.9646 if you have any questions.  (Take note: my address is 563 E. North St) ☺
  • On Saturday morning there is an IDES training session from 9-1:00. This seminar is open to all, but is especially focused on the church being prepared for disaster. This is not focused only on an active threat situation, but more on what and how the church needs to be prepared for a natural disaster (like the flood of ’08 or a tornado) and how we can help our community.  There is no charge.


This coming Sunday is what is commonly called Palm Sunday. I’m excited because 1) I get to preach on the cross; and 2) it means there is only one week left until the consummation of why we celebrate this time of the year: Resurrection Sunday. So let me give you some reminders about what is coming:

  • Palm Sunday’s sermon is called “It is Finished” and will deal with the questions of what Jesus meant when He said that on the cross.
  • Friday, April 7th (Good Friday) the office will be closed.
  • Resurrection Sunday. There are some things you should know about that morning.
  1. We will be having two services AT OUR BUILDING at 9:00 and 10:45.  We weighed the pros and cons of having one service at Abram Event Venue and although it would be nice to be together for one service, the logistics of music/band, set up/tear down, sound equipment and live streaming can be a real challenge. We decided to keep things simple.
  2. It may be crowded that morning so if you are concerned about space, I’d like to suggest you consider attending the first service. Our second service (which will have the children’s classes) at 10:45 will likely be the most attended, so if you are able to come to the first service, we invite you to join us at 9:00.
  3. Regarding the children’s programs: The nursery through 6th grade will meet as usual.  I also want to say how much I appreciate the folks who are teaching that week. Their commitment to our youth is admirable and I can’t begin to say how thankful I am for that.
  4. Please remember that all monies given that Sunday (unless designated) will go to the missions we support. Our practice has been to take our Resurrection Sunday offering and divide it among the missions we support and bless them with a little extra. This is something we started years ago and God has blessed us tremendously. I’m glad we have leaders (Wayne Akerson, Jeff Carlson, and David Robertson) who still feel strongly about continuing to do that. In next week’s MM I’ll give you the list so you can see the wide range of missions we support.
  5. Finally, please be praying for the church that morning. The enemy (Satan) wants nothing better than to disrupt the victory we celebrate. To celebrate Christ’s victory also means we celebrate his (Satan’s) defeat.
  6. If you have any questions about that morning please feel free to call the church office.


A reminder about sermons in the month of April.

  • April 2- “It is Finished”
  • April 9- “Alive!”
  • April 16- Will Reed preaching on “Religion”
  • April 23- “The Boast of the Cross”
  • April 30- Pastor Ryan preaching on “My Emmaus.”


May 7th I will be starting a series on fear and anxiety called Faith Over Fear. 


Have a great rest of the week. I love you all.


Pastor Bill

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