Midweek Message 05/03/2023



Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #155! After being gone this weekend, I’m a little behind the 8 ball in getting this done. But hopefully it won’t be too disjointed (especially since I am after being gone). I suspect some of you are thinking “And that is different how?” ☺

Before I get into anything else, let me remind you to pray for Ann Cooper, the personnel secretary for the S-OCS system. I’m sure she would appreciate your thoughts and prayers, especially as the school year winds down and soon a new one will start. (Did I just say that?)

Jo and I had a nice weekend away visiting Janna and Braden in Ohio. We left Friday morning and found out on the way there that his ballgame for Friday night was cancelled. So we took him to his favorite place to eat-a place called Roosters. I have to admit it has become one of my favorites as well when we are visiting them, especially since the closest one to us is in Clarksville. He did play on Saturday and it was a nice, sunny day. Saturday evening we went out to eat. Sunday we attended Adventure Church in Delaware, OH with Mike and Trisha Laws. Ryan joined us after the service had started. Mike, Trisha and Ryan were our guests several years ago telling their story of how Mike donated his kidney to Ryan. At lunch (yes we ate again!), Mike and Trisha expressed how much they appreciated the opportunity come here and share their story. I told them I had been considering asking them to return and give us a follow-up to their incredible story and they said they would love to do that! God has taken them on an exciting journey and they give Him the credit for how it has turned out. So, I am working on finding a date when they can return to share their story.  Sunday night we had a chance to be with Janna, Braden, and her friend, Mike. And yes, true to form we went out to eat. (How does a spinach and smoked salmon salad sound? The answer: very good). We left early Monday morning to come home.  Several observations:

  • I texted Janna Sunday night to thank her for letting us crash her weekend. We left tired (weary), stuffed, but contented.
  • Going to Adventure Church with Mike and Trisha was a different experience. I had nothing to do so it was nice to be on the other side of things. I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t want to do anything else, but it is always good to see “how the other side lives.” I have to admit neither Jo nor I knew any of the three worship songs they sang. They had baptism Sunday, and I think they baptized a total of 15 people. What they did was really cool. They announced each one of the people and then put their names with a short statement from each individual on the screen. They didn’t have a baptistry, but used one of those inflatable pools. It was rather unique to witness.  All in all it was a pleasant visit.
  • I realized how much I missed seeing you all. We were able to listen for part of the time to the live stream, but then had to leave. Jo listened to it while we were driving as well. But I missed being here, even though it was necessary to be away. Thanks to Pastor Ryan for preaching for me and making it possible to leave.


This is a reminder! This Sunday starts my series on Faith Over Fear. I’m excited to preach a series that seems to be so welcomed and needed. Sunday’s sermon is “What We All Want” and you can prepare ahead of time by reading Mark 4:35-41. Struggling with fear and anxiety is nothing new, but living in 2023 has ramped up the anxiety. Some struggle because of their mental health. Some struggle because of events of the past. Some struggle because it has always been a part of their personality. And some struggle because it is new and it has been brought on my certain “life events.” Will you find hope? I certainly pray so. Will you find answers? I certainly hope so. Will you find peace? Again, I certainly hope so. In fact, even as I type those words “hope so” I really should be saying, “I pray so.”

I’d like to ask each of you do something, not for me, but for yourself. Please prepare yourself by reading the Scripture ahead of time. But more than that, please pray that God will speak to you through His Word and that one morsel (or many of them) will hit home. Pray that your life and those you love will find hope and answers for the fear and anxiety that is tearing at the fabric of so many lives today. I firmly believe God will answer that sincere prayer.

When I came to the office Monday afternoon, Pastor Ryan was just getting ready to leave. He deserves a big shout out for all the work he has put in to serve the tornado victims. He showed me the number of texts and phone calls he has had to place to deal with the “shed issue.” (It was a delivery issue). On Monday I told him how much I appreciate him taking this ministry and running with it. In my mind, I’m convinced he is uniquely gifted to do this. His familiarity with IDES and his know-how with building materials is way beyond my ability. And by the way, it is not too late to sign up to help, nor is not too late to pray for all involved.

Again, it is good to be back. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. May you always know you are loved more than you can imagine.

Pastor Bill

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