Heads Up!

2023 THEME: Victory!

Series: The Lamb Wins

TITLE: Heads Up!

Scripture: Revelation 8:1-13



Last sermon recap:

        1. The church should live adventurously, dangerously, and fearlessly.
        2. God’s seal proves He is (trustworthy) and that He keeps His promise of (protection).


What does the silence mean?

        1. Silence is associated with (divine judgment).
        2. It might be saying (heaven stands in awe) in the presence of God.
        3. Know for sure: Not a (specific time frame) as we know it.


7 trumpets form the second cycle of several that depict (God’s rule) over history from different angles.

The first four trumpets:

#1: Reveals one-third fields and trees burning. (Hunger) that cannot be satisfied.
#2: Great kingdoms come (crashing down).
#3: People consume and expect (life-giving) but ends up poisoning them.
#4: Light becomes dark. Picture of world’s wisdom and spirituality as a (failure).

What does all this mean?

Next Week: Theme: Victory! Series: The Lamb Wins!!

Title: Crushed and Persecuted but NOT DEAD!  Revelation 9:1-10:11


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