The Underdog Wins

2023 THEME: Victory!

Series: The Lamb Wins

TITLE: The Underdog Wins

Scripture: Revelation 12-14:5

I.    OUR ENEMIES                                                                      

The Battle: Its players and its events

        1. (God) revealed to us in 4:1-5:14
        2. (Satan) or the Dragon, the Beast (13:1-10) and the False Prophet (13:11-18)
        3. (The people) who are on God’s side seen as the light-bearing woman (12:1-6, 13-17) and as a chaste, numbered, and protected multitude (14:1-5).


The first enemy (Dragon). (12:1-6)

The second enemy (The Beast) (13:1-10)

The third enemy (The Second Beast) (13:11)

These three enemies are called (The Unholy Trinity).

The most misunderstood image in Revelation: (the mark of the Beast).

II.   YOUR REDEEMER                                                    

One word, one name says it all: (Jesus).

All of the imagery is used to describe the (church), the Bride of Christ.

Next Week: Title: It’s Off to Work I Go- I Cor. 10:31; Genesis 3:1-19

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