The Word Everyone Dislikes

2023 THEME: Victory!

Series: The Lamb Wins

TITLE: The Word Everyone Dislikes

Scripture: Revelation 11


I.   COMING TO TERMS WITH TERMS                                                                     

Scriptures about God’s wrath:

        1. Nahum 1:2-3, 6
        2. Isaiah 13:9
        3. Jeremiah 7:20
        4. Matthew 3:12
        5. Romans 2:5
        6. Rev. 19:15


Just as God is (good) to those who trust Him, so He is (terrible) to those who do not.

II.  COMING TO TERMS WITH EVENTS                                                   

The purpose of the first 6 trumpets has been to warn a pagan and adulterous world that (judgment) is coming.

John is told to measure the temple-an indication of (God’s protection) over His people.

Two things stand out in the 7th trumpet:

        1. The (loud rejoicing) on the face of those who worship the King.
        2. There will be a distinction between the (have’s) and (have not’s).

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Title: The Underdog Wins- Revelation 12-13

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