Our One True God

2023 THEME: Victory!

Series: The God We Worship

TITLE: Our One True God

Scripture:  Deut. 4:15-40


I.   WHAT ARE THE LIES?                                                                        

Lies about God (for information only)

        1. (Pantheism)- universe and cosmos are one
        2. (Panentheism)- God and world are interrelated
        3. (Deism)- Supreme Being created world then withdrew from it
        4. (Mormonism)- God once a man who became a god
        5. (Christian Science)- mind and intelligence are from God
        6. (Jehovah’s Witness)- Father alone is God. No Trinity
        7. (Buddhism)- one doesn’t learn from Buddha; one becomes Buddha
        8. (Hinduism)- One impersonal god or Ultimate Reality (Brahman)
        9. (Islam)- Christians worship Yahweh; Muslims worship Allah
        10. (New Age spirituality)- you are God
        11. (Scientology)- we are immortal spiritual beings called thetans
        12. (Atheism)- denies the existence of God


II.  WHAT IS THE TRUTH?                                                        

Religion is about (DO); Christianity is about (DONE).

        1. Religion- (doing something)
        2. Christianity- (what Christ has done)


Deuteronomy 4:15-40

        1. Images (dishonor) God, they obscure His glory
        2. Images (mislead) men.

Post-modernism- (no absolute truth).

Scriptures to consider: Acts 4:12; I Tim.2:5; I John 5:12


Next Week: “The God We Worship”

Title: God is Great…God is Good?-  Romans 8:28-29, 31-32; James 1:16-18

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