Signs – They Are Team Players

SERIES:  Signs

TITLE:   They Are Team Players

TEXT:  I Cor.12:12-13 (p.959); Eph.4:1-16 (p.977)




Pictures that develop when a church talks about ministering:

1. The coach (plays alone).
2. The players run onto the field, but stay in the (huddle).
3. The team breaks out of the huddle, but then stand around and (argue).
4. The team lines up, but they have no (equipment).
5. The team (teams around).

How does a turnaround happen?  Eph.4:1-6

1.  (Humility)

2.  (Gentleness)

3.  (Patience)

4.  (Bearing with one another)

5.  (Unity)


Why are the different gifts important?

1)      They keep the body (balanced).

2)      They keep the body (healthy).

3)      They keep the body’s (focus clear).

A church gone wrong. Why?

  1. The Corinthian team was made up of those who would (divide) into camps based on personalities.
  2. They cared more about their own (individual rights) than they did about the reputation of Jesus.
  3. A team that fights with another discredits the Prince of Peace, and no one will (believe our message).
  4. So few are willing to step out of their comfort zone to see people come to know Jesus.
  5. A failure to see people as (God sees them).
  6. Some of the teams have decided not to use the Head Coach’s (playbook).

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