They Invest In Others

1.  When you were growing up did you have a
dream?  What was it?  Did you ever get a chance to fulfill it?


2.  William Barclay said, “It is possible to be…a
camp-follower without being a soldier of the king; to be a hanger-on in some
great work without pulling one’s weight…It is one of the supreme handicaps of
the church that in the church there are so many distant followers of Jesus
Christ and so few real disciples.”  Do
you agree with that statement?  How does
it strike you?


3.  Please turn to Luke 9:23-25.  Look also at Luke 14:28-32.   Notice the cost of following Jesus. Now look
closer at Luke 9.  What are the 3
essentials to being a disciple of Jesus?
(Bill gave these in his sermon outline).



4.  Following Jesus is not just saying “yes” to
Him.  If we are to invest our lives in
others, there is also a commitment of our time.
Jesus invested His life in 12 men.
How did He do that?  (there are 2
answers and Bill gave them in his outline).


5.  Investing time is not the only thing.  Following Christ involves a commitment to the
benefits.  Please turn to I
Cor.11:1.  What does Paul mean by that
short verse?

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